Zion Christian Church leader Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi 📷 ZCC Mbungo

Mutsvangwa pledges to ensure ZCC Mutendi gets broadcasting licence

INFORMATION, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has pledged to assist some schools under the Zion Christian Church (ZCC) led by Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi acquire a broadcasting licence.

Bishop Mutendi is a close ally of President Mnangagwa and is often seen at State occasions.

Mutsvangwa also pleged Government assistance for schools run by the church with access to internet connectivity to enhance learning, the State-owned Herald newspaper reports.

ZCC Mutendi Church runs Mutendi High School in Bikita, Hebron High School in Mwenezi, Sainos Engenus Agricultural College in Karoi and Samuel Centenary Academy in Harare.

Mutsvangwa made the pledge while speaking at Mbungo Estates last Friday during the launch of a women empowerment programme.

She said she will engage the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) to look into ZCC Mutendi’s request.

“I have been approached with a request for a broadcasting licence for a college owned by this church, and as Government we are opening up the airwaves to more players including issuing campus radio broadcasting licences,” she said.

“So, I will definitely take the matter up with BAZ so that they can also consider you when issuing campus radio licences.”

Government last month issued six community radio licences across the country, a move which was highly commended.

Mutsvangwa added that internet connectivity remained a challenge in some parts of the country and promised to engage the relevant ministry to ensure some ZCC Mutendi-owned schools get connectivity.

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