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SA court orders mental examination of Zim woman who murdered husband

Majonhi, 42, allegedly killed her husband with a hammer and spade and dumped his body parts into several pit latrines in 2015.

THE “poor health” of a South Africa-based Zimbabwean woman who allegedly confessed to killing her husband has forced her bail application to be postponed for the third time.

The formal bail application brought by Nancy Majonhi, 42, was adjourned in the Mogwase Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

This to allow Majonhi to regain her health.

North West National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson Henry Mamothame said the court had ordered that she be subjected to a health and mental examination before the bail hearing could begin.

It is alleged that in August, Majonhi, who hails from Zimbabwe, confessed to Sun City police officers of killing and dismembering her husband, Prosper Chipungare, 44, six years ago.

The incident allegedly took place at the couple’s rented place in Ledig Village, Sun City.

On 28 July 2015, Majonhi allegedly struck Chipungare with a hammer until he lost consciousness.

His body was then hacked into pieces using a garden spade.

It is alleged Majonhi later dumped Chipungare’s body parts in three neighbouring pit toilets in Ledig.

In August this year, police experts retrieved human remains from three pit toilets in the area after Majonhi had pointed them out.

It is alleged Majonhi first confessed to her children, who are based in Cape Town, about the killing and later to relatives in Zimbabwe.

She claimed Chipungare’s ghost was haunting her and forcing her to confess to her alleged deeds.

According to the police reports, Majonhi was living with her husband, 44-year-old Prosper Chipungare, in a rented room in Ledig near Sun City.

On 28 July 2015, the couple got into an intense argument and Majonhi assaulted the deceased with a hammer and then hacked his body with a spade and disposed of his body parts by throwing them into three different pit latrines

Then, she allegedly cleaned the crime scene and reported her husband as missing to the Sun City Police.

“Majonhi allegedly departed to Zimbabwe where she later confessed to her family and in-laws that she killed her husband. The families arranged to come to South Africa, Sun City where the accused handed herself over to the police,” said the NPA spokesperson.

The accused showed the police the pit latrines where she dumped her husband’s body parts six years ago. A skull and bone have been discovered by the police’s investigation thus far and they will be subjected to DNA analysis.

Majonhi will remain in police custody while undergoing mental and physical health examinations. Her next court appearance is expected on 19 October. – News24

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