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VIDEO: Kwekwe businessman explains why he killed 6 neighbours

Kheshow, who is the owner of Kheshow Investments in Redcliff, Kwekwe suddenly became mentally unstable and acted violently whilst at his house.

KWEKWE businessman Thubelihle Kheshow (26) who allegedly went berserk early Saturday morning, spearing six neighbours to death and leaving five others hospitalised, has spoken about the horrific bloodbath he unleashed on night-praying members of an apostolic sect.

Thubelihle is also facing one count of rape after allegedly violating a female complainant as he went on a rampage.

According to a police memorandum, on Friday at around 9am, Kheshow, who is the owner of Kheshow Investments in Redcliff, Kwekwe suddenly became mentally unstable and acted violently whilst at his house.

His aunt Tsungai Moyo took him to a Johanne Masowe apostolic sect shrine for healing prayers. Whilst at the shrine, he turned violent, uprooted trees and started pushing stationary vehicles.

He was, however, subdued by church congregants who then tied him with some ropes.

On Saturday morning around 2am, whilst other church members were still asleep, Kheshow woke up and set himself free, got into his car and drove off to his house.

Upon arrival, he found his wife, Nothando Sibindi (25), absent and armed himself with three spears, an axe, a kitchen knife and a hoe handle before proceedings to his wife’s sister Nemakosi Sibindi’s residence.

He then he smashed the front dining room of his sister in law’s door to gain entry. Sensing danger, Nemakosi escaped through the bedroom window upon noticing that Kheshow was armed. She left her five children sleeping in the room.

As members of the community mobilised help, Kheshow emerged and attacked Kwiridzanai and stabbed her twice on the back using a sharp object.

Accused then proceeded to house number 9738 Stone Clare, Redcliff where he jumped over the security walll, smashed the kitchen door and forced entry into the bedroom where he stabbed Mercy Savanhu (33) twice on the chest and once on the head using a sharp object.

“He further hit Xolani Sikwili (33) with a hoe handle on the head and stabbed him with an unknown sharp object on the neck leading to his death.

The accused stabbed Lareto Skwilli (7 months) on the head and chest with a sharp object,” the police memo reads. “The accused returned to his residence and stabbed Lina Moyo (56) and Meggie Nkiwane (85) and they died instantly,” it reads.

Savanhu sustained deep cuts on the head and chest and her condition is serious while Mellisa Moyo sustained deep cuts on the left side of the neck, middle finger and left hand and her condition is also serious.

Kwiridzanai sustained two deep cuts on the back and her condition is stable while Sharon Moyo (5) sustained several cuts all over the body and her condition is serious. Melani Moyo (16) sustained a cut on the knee and toe and his condition is stable.

Three blood-stained spears, an axe and a kitchen knife were recovered in accused person’s bedroom. Bodies of deceased were taken to Kwekwe General Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem.

Watch the video below:

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