MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa attracts huge crowds in Masvingo

Don’t let unelectable politicians hire you to unleash violence on their behalf

By Reason Wafawarova

VIOLENCE is a manifestation of unmitigated mental disorders caused by the overwhelming of the brain by hate or anger emotions.

Domestic, political, religious or social violence has a scientific disposition, and this includes literacy levels, limited social awareness, poverty, family history, socialisation and manipulation.

Let’s face the reality of Zimbabwe. Politically motivated violence is done by thugs with a pathetic education background, especially those who went to school but were too stupid to understand what was going on in schools, as well as those underprivileged not to have had enough educational exposure in the formal education systems.

I will call these people the intellectually vulnerable, and these are the people whose ignorance, poverty and desperation our politicians take advantage of to execute violence on their rivals.

In a well educated, high employment, high GDP society you hardly find people as desperate as to be available for crowd renting, or to be thugs for cheap hire in scaring away political opposition on behalf of cowardly ambitionists masquerading as electable politicians.

So you have so called angry villagers armed with neatly printed placards more expensive than their entire top to bottom clothing attacking a visiting politician purportedly because they consider him a “madman” or they are “agitated” and “provoked” by the visit.

This is what Patrick Chinamasa is telling us and expecting us to believe. His narrative is that Nelson Chamisa provoked the villagers of Charumbira by forcing them to come out of their houses to his car convoy against their will, and then trying to address them against their will, forcing them to suddenly become angry and violent. It does not even rise to the level of nonsense.

At the same time up in Ruwa 350 km away, people calling themselves Chamisa supporters are also being forced out of their homes to find themselves attacking Douglas Mwonzora and chasing him away from their hood, and Chamisa’s party issues a statement saying they are “defending the struggle,” whatever that means.

I will be very blunt. Both the attackers of Chamisa and Mwonzora are pathetic ignoramuses being manipulated by thuggish politicians not worth voting for in a normal working society.

This is egregious disregard for law, constitutionality, humanity, decency and ethics – all at the altar of political expediency where the end justifies the means.

I thought we had a largely peaceful 2018 election where addressing rallies was no longer a life threatening exercise.

Zanu PF and MDC Alliance must tell their ignorant rowdy intellectually vulnerable supporters to stay away from the rallies of politicians they don’t like, not to stone them or chase them away.

It’s deplorable, unhelpful, and frankly barbaric and uncivilised

  • Wafawarova is a Zimbabwean journalist and international relations expert based in Australia. He writes in his own capacity.

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