Michael Freeman Chingwaru

VIDEOS: Violent Maths teachers brutally assaults student and ZESA employee

By Nancy Samuriwo, HourlyHits Reporter

A MATHEMATICS teacher at an unregistered tuition centre in Harare has been arrested by police after videos of him brutally assaulting a college student went viral.

Michael Freeman Chingwaru is one of the founders of Einstein Tuition Centre in Harare.

In videos that have caused a public outcry (watch below), Chingwaru is seen whipping a male student before resorting to using his bare hands to pummel the defenseless student.

Yet another video has also surfaced, in which the foul-mouthed Mathematics teacher drags a ZESA employee over the school lawn over an undisclosed misunderstanding.

Chingwaru teaches Mathematics

The fight took place in full view of Chingwaru’s students.

Chingwaru also threatens to burn down the ZESA motorbike which the unidentified emoloyee was using while on duty at the premise.

The teacher has since been arrested and will soon appear in court.

Government spokesperson Nick Mangwana on Friday morning posted a video of Chingwaru in police custody. In the clip, police can be seen taking down details while advsing Chingwaru that he will be in custody until his court appearance.

Before his arrest, Chingwaru tried to justify his indefensible actions saying he bashed the student after he caught him in a compromising position with a female fellow student.

Chingwaru says he bashed the student as a way to reprimand him for wayward behaviour. He has since been arrested and will appear in court, police say.

The image Chingwaru shared shows a female student sitting on the laps of the boy, who Chingwaru subsequently bashed in full view of fellow students.

The incident has caused an uproar on social media, with many applauding the police for swiftly moving in to arrest the teacher.

Einstein Tuition Centre is unregistered with the relevant authorities and operates at the premises owned by ZDECO College in Harare. HourlyHits.com visited the tuition centre along Livingstone Avenue and verified that it operates without the requisite licenses from the Government and Harare City Council.

ZDECO, which is a licensed provider of educational services, allows several unregistered tuition centres to use its premises for a monthly rental fee.

At least three private tuition colleges operate from the same building as Chingwaru’s college.

Watch the videos below:

Chingwaru brutally assaults a student
Chingwaru assaults a ZESA employee on duty at the college premises

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