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BIZARRE: Skeletons tumble out as Doves buries empty coffin, tries a cover-up

Doves proceeded and buried the late Maxwell with a pauper at Granville Cemetery known as Mbudzi Cemetery in August, in a typical “mass grave” style.

DOVES Funeral Services has been caught in the middle of a storm after it mistakenly buried an empty coffin at a funeral in Nyanga in March this year, only to realize later that the body was still at its Harare mortuary.

To avoid creating a fight with the family of the deceased, Doves went on to secretly bury the body in question at Mbudzi cemetery in August this year in the same coffin as a pauper’s body, believing the affected family would never find out.

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However, in a scandal that looks set to open a can of worms, skeletons have literally tumbled out of Doves’ closet after the family found out the shocking issue and is now suing for injury and damages.

The shocking shenanigans are laid bare in a letter dated 26 October 2021 and written by Chimwamurombe Law Firm to Doves Funeral Services. The letter was copied to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe Council of Chiefs, the Insurance and Pensions Commission and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission.

The deceased in question is one Maxwell Chimwamurombe, who died sometime early this year in March. According to the law firm, Doves presented an empty coffin for burial without a corpse.

During that time, due to strict Covid-19 regulations, there was no body viewing at funerals and the anomaly was not immediately discovered. However, Doves realized three days later that it had buried an empty coffin at Maxwell’s funeral in Nyanga as his corpse was still in Harare.

Instead of reaching out to the family to rectify the anomaly, Doves allegedly kept quiet about the incident hoping that the matter had died with the departed. Doves allegedly kept the corpse in Harare from March to August this year, a period of almost half a year, while the family believed they had buried their loved one.

The lawyers allege that Doves proceeded and buried the late Maxwell with a pauper at Granville Cemetery known as Mbudzi Cemetery in August, in a typical “mass grave” style.

The act was bizarre and criminal, the lawyers say.

“One cannot rule out ritualism,” says Chimwamurombe Law Firm. “We are advised that our client’s relative was either buried in the same grave or in the same coffin with a pauper. The burial was utterly disrespectful and demeaning to the Chimwamurombe family.”

Hourlyhits.com understands that the matter came out after a whistle-blower informed the Chimwamurombe family, who confronted Doves in the presence of their lawyers.

In an attempt to douse the potentially damaging scandal, Doves dispatched a high-powered delegation to meet the Chimwamurombe family. The delegation comprised two company directors, the human resources manager and the public relations manager.

According to the lawyers, the delegation “blew hot and cold” when confronted by the family over the matter. They accepted that “something was wrong”.

Doves has declined to comment on the matter.

It appears the Chimwamurombe family, represented by Brian Chimwamurombe, is proceeding to sue for damages caused pain and suffering as a result of the alleged negligence by Doves. – HourlyHits.com

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