Etiwel Mutero: Prospective Councillor for Gokwe Mapfungautsi Constituency Ward 25 - 2023 General Elections

Prospective Councillor Etiwel Mutero’s Manifesto Ward 25 Gokwe Mapfungautsi 2023 Elections

“I am the right person to represent you as a Councillor for Ward 25 in Gokwe Rural District Council.”

AS the 2023 General election draws near, I offer myself to the people of Ward 25 Gokwe Mapfungautsi Constituency (which stretches from Makana, Mairosi , Chinyudze upto Chemowa) to be their local authority councillor.

I believe given the chance to be voted to this position I will deliver on the Ward’s expectations.

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Before I articulate my promises to the ward, let me introduce myself first. I am a man aged 48 holding a degree in Records and Archives Management and a National Certificate in Records Management and Information Science.

I have worked for several organisations in Zimbabwe and Namibia. I am working for the University of Zimbabwe as of today.

It is my desire and intention to work for a community I was raised in and to represent my friends, neighbours, and relatives in Ward 25 of the Gokwe Mapfungautsi Constituency.

Being a Christian and an Adventist in particular, I believe in God, justice, equality, equity, tolerance and accountability in public governance. It is these principles I would like to advocate for once elected as the councillor of Ward 25 Gokwe Rural District Council.

I am motivated to see change in Ward 25. I am motivated with a desire to eradicate poverty and see every member of the community reach their full life aspirations.

I am driven by a desire to see the disabled, orphans, widows and other vulnerable members of the community wearing smiles on their faces.

If you elect me as your councillor for Ward 25 Gokwe Rural District Council during the 2023 General Elections I promise to:

  • advocate for the introduction of online and blended learning through solar installations and internet connectivity in all public schools.
  • ensure that every school going child gets both primary and secondary education. I will work closely with village heads and heads of schools to achieve this goal.
  • be available in every village and listens to every need of every community. I won’t be a missing councillor.
  • fight for telecommunication transmitters (boosters) installations in our ward. We need mobile telephone network in our ward (better coverage and better internet connectivity).
  • work with Ministry of Agriculture to introduce an alternative cash crop because cotton is no longer worth growing because of poor producer prizes.
  • make sure there is cheap and diverse modes of transport through continual road construction and maintenance.
  • ensure that our cattle are periodically dipped and dogs inoculated against rabies.
  • work with our MP in all developmental projects such as the contraction of Grade 0 classes in areas which are far from public schools, clinics, dams, boreholes etcetera using the CDF funds.
  • create employment for our school and college graduates.

With my expertise in writing, public speaking , project management, fundraising, advocacy, management and planning, I am the right person to represent you as a Councillor for Ward 25 in Gokwe Rural District Council.

Vote for me and vote for tangible and real change.

Pamberi neZanu PF Pasi nemhanduuu!

Etiwel Mutero

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