Reuben and Sinikiwe take to the dance floor on their wedding day in Harare recently.

Born without full limbs, Sinikiwe Kademaunga dances at her wedding

ZIMBABWEAN motivational speaker Sinikiwe Kademaunga, shared photos of herself and her husband dancing at their recent wedding reception.

Born with neither hands, knees nor feet, Sinikiwe Kademaunga (25) from Chitungwiza describes herself as just different.

She has so much confidence in herself that many able bodied people would only dream of having.

She looks at her background as a specimen through which many can draw lessons and inspiration of how to live life to the fullest without worrying about the opinion of the next person.

“Dance floor” she captioned the Instagram post.

Kademaunga who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from University of Cape Town has just launched her company SK, drawn from her initials that specialises in motivational speaking and personal development.

The bubbling Kademaunga said she understands reasons that drive people living with disabilities onto the streets to beg for alms.

Her husband is Reuben Zhiva, and he hails frol Gokwe. The two tied the knot at a well-attended venue in Mabvuku some few weeks ago.

At the wedding reception, it turned out that the question on most guests’ minds was: Where will Reuben put the ring considering Sinikiwe doesn’t have fully developed limbs?

It turned out the witty couple had hatched a masterplan: the ring was actually just a necklace which Reuben placed on his sweetheart’s neck as the lovebirds exchanged the wedding vows!

Speaking to the guests, Reuben promised to never take advantage of Sinikiwe’s condition and said he was alwaya fond of girls of that condition. To him, Sinikiwe was a prayer answered by God.

Sinikiwe told the guests that they started dating in 2017 and initially she waa convinced Reuben was out to waste her time.

As the relationship went on, she was proved wrong and Reuben fulfilled her innermost desire, including the wedding she so much loved.

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