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Photos of Makandiwa’s mansion cause heated debate

PHOTOS of a mansion said to belong to UFI church founder Emmanuel Makandiwa have hit social media, but anti-fake news organization Fact Check Zimbabwe says the photos are not from any property in Zimbabwe.

However, apart from one particular image which has been reverse checked and found to be of a design in California, the other photos trending are said to be of Makandiwa’s mansion in Glen Lorne, Harare.

The photos have split opinion on social media, with critics saying Makandiwa was enriching himself out of selling hope to his impoverished congregants. Others accused the people who pay tithes at gospreurship churches of being daft and deserving all their troubles.

Writing on social media, journalist Chin’ono said: “Emmanuel Makandiwa’s home in Glen Lorne on Enterprise Road is a nice house. Don’t begrudge the guy, he is smart enough to understand that heaven is also on earth, when you die you are resting.

View into Emmanuel Makandiwa’s mansion in Harare

“Those that donate millions to him when they are struggling will one day learn if they have a brain, they shall open their eyes to the realities of life.

“Let the guy enjoy the fruits of his hard work, it is indeed hard work herding a group of brainwashed adults week in, week out and telling them to donate money to the lord and using it to open your businesses. Hard work indeed!”

Former Zimbabwe international footballer Alois Bunjira had this to say: “I drive by that house a lot and I used to wonder who owned the house with that big yard on that mountain, with all the modern security features and lighted driveway up to the house.

“It looks like it could be Vodacom or Econet Headquarters. This is my dream house… tell my friends all the time…

“The house is magnificent. Heaven on earth for real. I’m inspired!”

Fact Check says the image above is not of Makandiwa’s mansion

According to Fact Check in an article this Tuesday, reverse image search shows that the image shown above is not of any property in Zimbabwe.

“It is a computer-generated image used by a real estate company for a property that was put on sale in Hollywood, California,” said Fact Check.

According to one internet entry featuring the property: “This spectacular 3/4 acre promontory is one of the largest development sites ever offered in the iconic Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills.”

Fact Check concludes that “the picture claiming to show Emmanuel Makandiwa’s mansion is misleading. The picture being circulated is not of Makandiwa’s house, but shows an illustration of a property in Los Angeles, in the USA.”

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