TelOne Centre of Learning absorbing students straight from A-Level

THE TelOne Centre of Learning has positioned itself strongly to deliver academic programmes and is now absorbing students straight from high school.

This was said by TelOne managing director Chipo Mtasa at graduation yesterday of 166 who graduated with diplomas.

A further 34 students recently graduated with the institution’s inaugural Telecomms degree. The degree is offered through the Centre’s associate university, the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Speaking at the graduation ceremony of 166 students with diplomas, Mtasa said the institution’s Centre for learning plays a pivotal role towards the development of skills .

“Strategically, we are clear of the role that TelOne Centre for Learning has to play in contributing towards skills development specific to upskilling for those already in industry.

“The institution had also positioned itself strongly to deliver academic programmes which where absorbing students straight from high school.

“It remains our mission to maintain our lead position in the development of telecommunication and broadly Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills for Zimbabwe and beyond and today is a culmination and affirmation of this energy,” she said.

“Allow me to congratulate the graduates for their hard work and dedication for they not only successfully went through the three-year period of study and learning but they had to adapt to working twice as hard due to COVID-19 induced dynamics which at some point mainly required e-Learning.

“I am glad that through our Innovation Department we were able to launch our own platform, Impact Learning, which really proved expedient to the need.”

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic only 26 of the diploma graduates could attend the event physically with the rest attending the ceremony virtually.

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