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Marry Mubaiwa makes adultery allegations against hubby VP Chiwenga

VICE President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Marry Mubaiwa wants him nowhere their three minor children without her consent, as she also accuses the Vice President of having an adulterous affair with their maid.

Posting on Twitter, Marry appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to intervene on her behalf to ensure that her children are safe.

“I am so heartbroken by the attitude that my husband Vice President Chiwenga is presenting, the “I don’t care because I am above the law and even the President ED cannot do anything to me”. I want my children and no country in the world should accept him in their country.

“I am continuing my tweet that my children should not leave the country without my consent. This is abuse and that is why he is laying false allegations against me so that I don’t see my children. Our airport and immigration must not allow him to exit this country.”

Mubaiwa, a former fashion model, also makes sensational claims that the Vice President is in a sexual relationship with on of their maids; the same maid who has a pending court case of assault against Mubaiwa.

In September 2020, Mubaiwa appeared before a Harare magistrate for assault. Marry was alleged to have assaulted VP Chiwenga’s family domestic worker, Delight Munyoro.

She demands that Chiwenga be blocked by the United Nations from visiting any foreign country, without citing how that could be done.

“My children are being looked after by maids, one of the maids is the one he is using to lay false allegations that I assaulted her, she said she is in a relationship with him, l don’t care, I want my children. UNHRC should look at this seriously

“UNHRC should not allow VP Chiwenga into any country until he gives me my children. I don’t know if they are still alive or if they are not being abused as he has no time for them. They are below 10 years, International Criminal Court must take a look at this and assist.

“Allowing Constantino Chiwenga into any country with my children is accepting human trafficking as they are young children. Are my children still there? I wonder. He is breaking the laws that they put in place and breaking them…

“My husband VP Chiwenga is not a politician, he was never one and never will, my husband took his military hat of Commander and into his place of work now, he commands, he is doing military touch into his place of work, soldiers still take instructions from him.”

Marry and VP Chiwenga recently appeared in court in a case in which the latter accuses his wife of attempting to fraudulently acquire a marriage certificate at a time when he was hospitalised in India and South Africa sometime in 2019.

VP Chiwenga is also seeking to divorce his wife and has taken custody of their three minor children.

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