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JUST NOW: US$51 000 cash stolen at Karoi Service Station

ARMED robbers stormed a service station in Karoi this Boxing Day morning and went away with US$51 500 cash, a Volkswagen Golf vehicle and other valuables after attacking the station manager.

Police confirmed the incident saying the armed robbers melted away into the dark at 03.00 hrs this morning.

“The ZRP is investigating an armed robbery case which occurred at a Service Station in Karoi at around 0300 hours this morning when four unidentified men attacked the manager, his family, security and took USD 51 500 cash and a VW Golf vehicle,” said police on their official Twitter page.

Police said more information will be released in due course as investigations are ongoing.

The robbery comes in the wake of dozens other similar heists being recorded across the country every week, with police warning individuals and businesses alike against keeping huge sums of cash outsidr formal banking channels.

Schools and cross-border buses also became regular targets for the perpetrators of gun-related crimes, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars.

Topping this year’s heists is the January robbery of US$2,775 million and ZW$43 000 from a cash-in-transit ZB Bank vehicle along Harare-Chinhoyi Road which was believed to be an inside job where three security personnel in the vehicle allegedly connived with robbers.

Most of the suspects had been on police’s most wanted list and would operate from South Africa to evade arrest. They would normally enter Zimbabwe, commit robberies and then flee south across the Limpopo.

Police strongly believe that some of the country’s suspected serial armed robbers who were out on bail pending trials or appeals, were behind the spate of these criminal activities.

There had been a marked increase in armed robberies in country in recent weeks with robbers getting away with huge sums of money.

In most cases the victims were also hold hostage and tortured while others killed by the robbers who were looking for cash. Some of them were arrested while others were shot and killed. Others are still on the run.

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