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‘Hichilema will be kicked out in 2026’

ZAMBIAN former Minister and Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo has alleged that the New Dawn Government of President Hakainde Hichilema will be kicked out of power in 2026 by the people of Zambia.

Lusambo, the former Lusaka Province Minister, said the UPND Government has failed the people of Zambia in the four months it has been in power.

He said it is not too early to see that the UPND Government of President Hakainde Hichilema is not taking Zambians anywhere.

Featuring on a Radio Icengelo Programme, Mr. Lusambo said the UPND has u-turned on its many promises among them reducing fuel and electricity prices.

“The UPND is going out of Government in 2026 because the people of Zambia have regretted changing Government. People can’t go into 2026 with UPND.

“I am happy that the people of Zambia are regretting because we told them that President Hakainde Hichilema can’t govern because he is only good at privatization,” Mr. Lusambo said.

“Zambians are doubting Thomases now they have seen for themselves. Mr. Hakainde has failed; this is the way people fail. Like I said in the 100 days foundation you can see whether there is progress or not.

“You can’t even tell whether this Government is going or coming. Failing can be seen even in three months. Just like building you can tell from the foundation that this structure will collapse,” he said.

Lusambo said he doesn’t agree with people saying it is too early to criticize the UPND Government.

“They were saying Barry will fix it. They were saying electricity and fuel will go down but we are yet to see that. People are not interested in increases in prices. People want cheaper fuel and electricity. This is a deceitful Government.

“If you go into the office as President, within 100 days you should set your foundation. Free education foundation, fuel reduction foundation,” he said.

Lusambo added that the UPND has also u-tuned its promises not to appoint political cadres into the civil service.

“Another lie, the UPND said they will remove politics from the civil service. We don’t want politicians to be civil servants now look at the list of appointed people. We have seen that Permanent Secretaries are cadres, deputy permanent secretaries are cadres and district commissioners are all cadres.

“They have brought new Permanent Secretaries and new deputy permanent secretaries and new district commissioners who do not know anything leaving behind directors who have institutional memory of these provinces and ministries.

“These new Permanent Secretaries and new deputy permanent secretaries are yet to grasp a thing so as we speak Government business is stagnant. These people are just watching each other in offices,” he said.

He added that in the first four months of being in power the UPND Government has not set the base of ensuring that Zambia becomes prosperous.

Lusambo said the Government has made harsh decisions like the removal of subsidies on fuel and electricity that will affect the majority of poor Zambians.

He said many Zambians have been left frustrated by the harsh decisions being implemented by the Government.

Lusambo said the people of Zambia have not seen the value of changing the Government from PF to UPND.

  • via Lusaka Times

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