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Hero truck driver Sirizani Butau discharged

SIRIZANI Butau, the hero truck driver who suffered third-degree burns while rescuing accident victims in Mutare, has been discharged from a Kadoma private hospital and might soon be called to a State House function to be hosted by President Mnangagwa.

It was a random act of kindness that catapulted Butau to national super-hero status when he came across a horrific crash on Christmas Eve, and didn’t hesitate to throw himself into danger to help save the burning victims.

Butau, a truck driver, was driving on the Harare-Mutare Highway when he saw a bus and a fuel tanker which had just collided. The resulting fire put dozens of people’s lives at risk.

He ran to the bus and helped pull at least eight people from the wreckage. Butau even tried to rescue the driver of the fuel tanker. Five people ended up dying in the accident, and 60 were taken to the hospital.

Photos of Butau then went viral. One popular photo shows him standing in the roadway, barefoot, a column of black smoke rising from the accident behind him, his legs and arms covered in serious burns.

His wife Wadzanai said she never expected that her husband would be touted as a super-hero overnight.

“It’s quite humbling. I wish I could be able to do the same to others in need,” she said. “My husband is a truck driver. On this day he was travelling from Beira to Zambia. When he called I intended to travel that night, but he dissuaded me from doing so.

“I travelled the following day with some relatives to Mutare where by then he had been admitted in hospital. We requested the medical doctors to discharge him so that he will be treated in Kadoma where we reside because his continued stay in Mutare would have taken a toll on us in terms of accommodation and other related costs.

“We have been here in Kadoma at a private hospital where he was being treated. He is recovering well and has been discharged, but will continue meeting doctors along the way,” she added.

Meanwhile, sources told HourlyHits that Butau will soon be heading to the State House in Harare where he will be hosted by President Mnangagwa. On Sunday, President Mnangagwa hailed Butau for heroically saving lives, saying the Government will honour him for the sacrifice.

“Let me take this opportunity to appreciate Sirizani Butau who saved people from the Mutare accident. As Government we will honour him for his selfless sacrifice,” said the President.

He was speaking during the National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service in Bulawayo.

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