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LEAD statement on the salary crisis in Zimbabwe

30 December 2021

Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) Party commits to building a society based on mixed ideals of Social Democracy and Technocracy. The goal of social democracy is free and equal people in a society characterised by solidarity and the spirit of equality, inclusivity, justice and complementarity of races.

Human beings should be free to develop as individuals, have control over their own lives, shape their lives according to their own desires and exert influence in their own community (Build private capital). This freedom should naturally apply to everyone, yet this can’t be so because of the salary crisis in civil service, most parastatals and the private sector in Zimbabwe.

Equality, justice, inclusivity and complementarity are the precondition of freedom. LEAD endeavours to remove the economic, environmental, social, racial and cultural barriers to human liberation. Our goal is a society without superior and inferior orders, without class differences, patriarchy, racism or homo/transgender phobia, a society free of prejudice and discrimination. We are deeply concerned about people’s livelihoods and have made a life time commitment to ensure social justice for all Zimbabweans and sustainable human and economic development for all our people in Zimbabwe.

The current state of workers in Zimbabwe is mind boggling and is a real cause for concern. Government should stop sporadic ideas in addressing the remuneration and welfare of civil servants.

If government can pay substantial bonuses in a single month without legislation or parliamentary approval or any bill surely they can do the same by committing to pay each civil servant at least US$200 per month flat across the grades. The remainder may be paid in ZWL until the government makes sincere efforts to make our local currency the currency of choice in Zimbabwe.

We have a salary crisis in the civil service which is causing serious dysfunctional behavior and an impending national security threat as some disgruntled, rogue security sector personnel are now engaging in armed robbery to sustain their livelihoods. This crisis is deeper than we see and we all can’t continue to turn a blind eye to the reality that our civil servants are suffering silently.

What is the role of the Public Service Commission when they can’t ensure that civil servants have decent salaries in line with the poverty datum line? Government should consider taking collective bargaining seriously rather than the approach they are using of paying civil servants salaries that are decided by the finance minister which is not a product of collective bargaining.

The level of corruption and unethical conduct at all government departments is very worrisome. As we approach 2022, Labour Economists and Afrikan Democrats (LEAD) implores government to review the salaries of all civil servants and align them with at least the poverty datum line. Secondly, we demand that government should value and appreciate the skills of doctors and nurses and the sacrifices they have made during the #Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that their salaries match those of their counterparts in the SADC region.

The right to health of ordinary Zimbabweans is being compromised as medical personnel can’t focus on their work seeking other ways to increase their income to sustain families. Without teachers all of us wouldn’t be where we are today, we condemn the continuous undermining of the role of teachers in Zimbabwe by the government and also demand their salaries to be aligned to teachers in the SADC region.

One question that the Cabinet should interrogate itself during their cabinet brief is, “how will we attain Vision 2030 with underpaid, demoralized and disgruntled staff?”

At what point is government going to pay pensioners decent and sustainable pension payouts. NSSA pensioners are being treated like second class citizens yet they contributed funds for their social security. Why weren’t they also given USD bonuses yet time and against corruption cases in NSSA involving millions of USD arise? We demand answers and proper pension payouts for all NSSA pension beneficiaries. This dog eat dog attitude towards our very own people should stop forthwith.

All those holding offices of elected power should remember that power comes from the people, the very same people you are clapping with poverty make you enjoy those lavish lifestyles you live. The least you can do is to consider their plight and ensure that there is a commitment at government level to make all Zimbabweans happy.

We remain committed to advocating for the review and amendment of the labour act, decent salaries for all workers in Zimbabwe and equal opportunities for wealth creation for all.




Rosline Ncube
LEAD Secretary for Information and Publicity
+263 71 340 7597

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