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Beatrice white farmer killed in suspected robbery, husband left for dead

SUSPECTED armed robbers pounced on a white Zimbabwean couple at their Mantlavina Farm house in Beatrice last night, killing the wife Rene Mitchell while leaving her husband Warren Graham hospitalised, HourlyHits can exclusively reveal.

Speaking to HourlyHits in Beatrice, a source at the farm the robbers stormed the farm at 2am this Friday morning.

“They disarmed the guards and put their uniforms on. They then went to the house and called Rene pretending to be the guards.

“She went out and they shot her twice from behind. They then beat Warren badly, and he is now in a critical condition,” said the source, preferring anonymity.

The source added that the attack appeared more of a hit than a robbery.

“We believe it’s a hit as Rene was pretty cheeky and was involved in a conflict of with poachers recently.

“Even as they beat up Warren, they threatend to return and finish him off at a later date.”

Helena, the couple’s child, survived the attack while Warren was taken by ambulance to a Harare medical facility.

Family friend Pierre Jordaan, a South African national, also confirmed the sad news.

“Yes, it’s true. We also just got this terrible and horrible news. Rene Mitchell  and Warren Graham were attacked on the farm, Zimbabwe, last night. Warren is in ICU and Rene passed away at the hospital,” Jordaan said.

When reached for comment, Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the attack, saying Mitchell was confronting the robbers when she was shot from behind.

However, Nyathi said Mitchell died on the spot, and not at the hospital.

“Two unknown armed robbers killed Rene Mitchell (44) on 30 December 2021 at Mantlavina Farm, Beatrice.  The two suspects who were armed with two unknown pistols pounced on the victim’s house at around 0200 hours,” he said.

“The victim, who was armed with a Bruno 22 rifle, went out of her house to investigate and was shot on her back and died on the spot. Anyone with information may please contact any nearest Police Station,” Nyathi said.

He added that the ZRP is conducting investigations into the murder case and will leave no stone unturned to ensure the cuplrits are brought to face justice.

It was not immediately clear if any items or cash were stolen by the robberies.

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