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Kidnapped man saved by police roadblock

TWO suspected armed robbers were arrested in Kadoma on New Year’s Eve, a few minutes after they had kidnapped a 27-year-old man at Waverly Bus Stop and robbed him of US$82 cash while another man was arrested in Mt Darwin for attacking a police officer carrying out his duties.

The two robbery suspects are believed to be part of a four-men gang that were moving around with a Honda Fit, targeting people in and around Kadoma.

It is alleged that when they arrived at the bus stop, they dragged the victim into their getaway car before speeding off towards Rimuka.

Alert police officers who were manning a roadblock then pursued the car leading to the arrest of two of the suspects. The other two fled from the scene.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the police officers manning Chitezi roadblock heard the man call for help and chases the vehicle, rescuing the kidnapped man and arresting two suspects red handed.

Hoever, the other two managed to dodge the arrest team and run off.

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