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Mwonzora dumps bedridden Morgan Femai

VETERAN opposition politician and MDC founder member Morgan Femai is battling a stroke which has rendered him unable to talk, and his party colleagues are said to have neglected him at his greatest hour of need.

Femai, aged 72, founded the MDC in 1999 and went on to be the party chairman for Harare province from 2000 to 2013, under the leadership of the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

The Chikomo Senator, who sided with Douglas Mwonzora in the wrangle with rival opposition gladiator Nelson Chamisa, is reportedly admitted at a local hospital. However, his family members say his political allies haven’t been visiting him or enquiring on his health.

“Yes, I can confirm that the old man is hospitalized at a local private clinic, he suffered a stroke a few days ago,” a family member told online publication 263Chat.

“His condition is stable though he is not talking. What is baffling is the failure by the party especially the senior members to pay a visit to one of their own.

“We have not seen a single member of the party at the hospital and with the hospital bill rising on a daily basis we wonder if the party is sincere. They should show their character when a stalwart like Senator Femai is in a difficult situation.:

But MDC-T national spokesperson Witness Dube dismissed the allegations of neglect saying the party is taking good care of the Senator.

“Rumor mongering is bad, especially if it’s meant to affect someone going through a difficult period. Bar the COVID-19 related restrictions on visits at health institutions, our senator is well taken care of and dearly loved by the party.

“Your rumor mill is on steroids. We are in contact with our Senator and his family, and nothing you are saying is anywhere near the truth,” said Dube.

Femai is popular for making rather controversial statements. In 2012, he said HIV was spreading at an alarming rate because women were getting more and more well-dressed and beautiful and men were finding it difficult to resist such women.

Femai further said women should be compelled to shave their heads, lose weight and bathe less often, in order to appear less attractive.

Last year towards the October anti-sanctions day, Femai said Zimbabweans are President Mnangagwa’s children and therefore are affected by targeted sanctions imposed on him.

“… . Yes, there are some who say sanctions are good while others are saying they are affecting us. It is true sanctions affect us. They are not good for us because if you find yourself with a catapult, you see a bird in its nest and you attack it, it means you have killed the chicks as well because if you kill the mother, you have killed the children as well

“We are President Mnangagwa’s children and if he is under sanctions and we are his children, where do we get food from because the person who gives us food is the one who has been slapped with sanctions?”

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