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No winners or losers in Zanu PF: ED tells Politburo

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged party members who contested in the recently-held provincial elections to embrace victory and loss with a revolutionary mindset of strengthening the party and building the nation.

In his address to the Politburo this morning, the President thanked all members of the Politburo, the National and Provincial Elections Directorates as well as election candidates and all the Party membership for their participation in the elections.

“This shows that the Party is alive and strong. Let us build on this vibrancy by nurturing and strengthening our internal democratic culture and mobilisation ecosystem,” he said.

“Today’s Politburo Session will receive comprehensive reports on the just-concluded Provincial elections and attendant issues. Irrespective of the outcome of our deliberations, the Party must remain focused and result oriented towards scaling up the implementation of our Party Manifesto as well as the National Development Strategy-1 towards the attainment of our Vision of a prosperous and empowered upper middle-income society,” said President Mnangagwa.

He added: “As we deliberate on the report of the elections, I urge all members of the Party to be mindful of the fact that, in our Party, there are no winners and losers. It is the people and ultimately the Party that wins. Party cadres who did not make it in the recent elections must avail themselves, their experiences, skills and competencies to build and grow our mass Party.

“Just as iron sharpens iron, the spirit of camaraderie and collegiality must be harnessed as we all serve this great Party, ZANU PF and the nation as a whole. An election lost must never dampen the revolutionary spirit of any cadre, but inspire them to learn, develop and mature in their political career.”

President Mnangagwa urged members to conduct themselves honourably, informed by the Party Constitution, rules, procedures, principles and ethos, adding, “constitutionalism, unity, peace, harmony and development remain our absolute compass now and into the future.”

“Irregularities and political chicanery across Party structures must be decisively dealt with and expunged from the Party. I urge the Party leadership to always listen to the aspirations of the people at every level. It is equally important that the Party leadership and membership in general work concertedly to achieve a better quality of life for our people. It is after all the people who have entrusted us with the mandate to govern over our great country.”

He said programmes to mobilise the electorate towards voter registration, inspection of the voters-roll and subsequent voter education should be heightened and called on the nation to remain peaceful, united and stable in order to guarantee sustainable socio-economic development in our great country.

The President also commended the church and religious communities for praying and interceding for the nation.

“Let me once again emphasise that the war against COVID-19 is not yet over. We are reminded that, “we can only be safe when everyone is safe”. Complacency will only reverse the gains we have realised to date. I, therefore, urge Party structures to scale up the mobilisation of persons who are yet to be vaccinated.”

“While we are mindful that there are some areas which have received inadequate rainfall, those communities which have received reasonable rainfall are urged to take full advantage of this and work hard for a good harvest. Our people are also encouraged to fully participate in the people-centred empowerment initiatives being championed by my Administration, for increased production and productivity across all sectors of the economy.

“The promising prospects of 2022 must give impetus for our Party to secure and conclusively deliver on the aspirations of our people as we march towards a resounding victory in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.”

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