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Bulawayo woman drags son to court over noisy sex

A COURT in Bulawayo has granted a local mother a peace order against her son who she complained disturbs her peace every night with his noisy sex orgies.

58-year-old Loveness Makonye of Entumbane suburb dragged his 29-year-old son Talent Makonye before magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube saying she hardly sleeps as he frequently hires sex workers and has noisy sex with them.

Makonye says her son hardly lets a day pass by without disturbing her peace. Previous attempts to make him change his ways drew blanks as Talent turns violent and insults her. He even assaulted her at one time after she reprimanded him, the court heard.

He told her mothers that she has no right to reprimand him as the house belongs to his late father.

“I am applying for a protection order against my son Talent. Whenever he is from drinking alcohol, he would bring a lady and they would start making noise during their sex sessions thereby disturbing my peace,” says Makonye in her affidavit, according to local tabloid B-Metro.

“When I try to warn him against disturbing my peace he would shout at me. At one point I knocked at his door, he then opened the door while hurling insults at me.

“He then assaulted me saying I’m disturbing him. I have engaged his uncle to talk to him, but he does not reform.”

Magistrate Ncube granted Makonye the protection order against her son.

Talent was ordered to refrain from bringing his lovers home. He was also ordered not to physically and verbally abuse his mother.

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