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SA Minister blasts corrupt Zimbabwean soldiers and police at Beitbridge | VIDEOS

SOUTH Africa’s Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has expressed concern about “corruption on the Zimbabwe side of the Beitbridge Border Post” especially by armed security services who he said are taking bribes to help people cross the border illegally.

Motsoaledi also said he was shown incidents where travellers with no Covid-19 certificates were “assisted” by soldiers to manouvre the border procedures.

Speaking to SABC, Motsoaledi says corruption from the Zimbabwean side makes it difficult to deal with illegal immigrants who are trooping into South Africa as the economic downturn in Zimbabwe continues unabated.

“We are worried. We have said this before that we heard rumours that there are people who will come with fraudulent certificates and we have found them and we are returning them.

“We are arresting people with no documents; either Covid-19 or passport. Even yesterday, they arrested 500; that’s happening every day from what I told you. They showed me a video where Zimbabwean soldiers and police were helping people to come I asked ‘what’s that?’”

Speaking to SABC, Motsoaledi refuted suggestions on social media that there is a crisis at the Beitbridge border between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

He said he personally conducted an oversight visit from Sunday and the only concerns he witnessed were the illegal border crossing by Zimbabweans. He says more than 700 people have been arrested for entering the country illegally from the Zimbabwean side over the two days he was at Beitbridge alone.

Motsoaledi has called on the public to stop circulating false information that causes unnecessary panic.

“I have seen those pictures and I was disappointed and shocked at the same time because I arrived at Beitbridge on the morning of the second, immediately after New Year.

“So, I have been there all the time and I have seen these pictures which were shown all over, depicting the scene which I was and quite surprising.

“But at least one of the pictures we recognise as a picture that was taken last year on the 4th of January and they are depicting the situation that happened a year ago and say is happening now,” says Motsoaledi.

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