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WATCH: Malema declares war on SA restaurants employing foreigners

By Nancy Samuriwo

SOUTH African opposition EFF commander Julius Malema has declared war on restaurants and hotels which he said are employing foreigners at the expense of locals who need the jobs.

The militant former ANC youth leader made the remarks while addressing about 6 000 party supporters who gathered at the Moses Mabhida’s People’s Park on Saturday. The gathering also coincided with the ANC’s 100th birthday rally held in Polokwane.

Malema emphasized that it was not EFF policy to fight its “African brothers and sisters”, but said the employers in the hospitality industry in South Africa deserved to be “visited” in the coming week for their disregard of the law governing employment procedures.

“We are poor, unemployed and in need of jobs. When you go to restaurants, foreigners are working in restaurants,” Malema complained. “But do not hate the foreigners; they did not hire themselves. Hate the owners who employed them.

“From next week, are visiting the hospitality industries. We want the owner of the Hilton Hotel in Durban to tell us how many South Africans are they employing at their hotel.

“We are together with our fellow African brothers and sisters, but the law says when you start a business, you must hire locally. Why is the law not applying at Hilton Hotel, at other restaurants?”

“We want locals to be prioritized for employment. We must visit hospitality venues and ask them how many South Africans they are hiring,” says EFF Julius Malema.

Malema said his party membership will visit the restaurants where they must address foreign workers and assure them that the party was not picking up a fight with them.

“You must address our African brothers and sisters that the reason they hire you is that they want to violate your rights and do not want to pay you well, Malema explained.

Malema said when the EFF was formed most people perceived it as being an organisation for the youth. “They said the EFF is an organisation which has ethnic roots of the pedi people in Limpopo. But you showed them that its an organisation for every citizen of South Africa,” said Malema.

He said the organisation had for the first time clinched a deputy mayor seat after the election of the party’s candidate in the Nongoma municipality.

He said the party had also been given the boost in eThekwini municipality which now has 21 seats in the metro. The EFF hosted a “Thank you” rally in Peoples Park in Durban where over 6 000 supporters attended.

The EFF grew its support from a merely 4% to just over 10% in eThekwini after the recent local government elections. Malema instructed EFF councillors to visit community projects every week and expose those that are not working. He said his party was going to hire a service delivery specialist who would monitor every municipal project.

On Friday, the red berets slaughtered cattle in Inanda, north of Durban, in preparation for the rally.

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