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Covid-19 vaccination picks up

COVID-19 vaccination picked up a little last week from the very low figures in the week between Christmas and New Year.

A total of 82 588 shots were given, about 15 000 more than the previous week, but still the second lowest weekly total since early July, the previous week being the lowest.

Third doses accounted for 6 247 of that total as they build up, with 34 870 first doses and 41 471 second shots.

So far 4 164 822, Zimbabweans have had their first dose, that is 27,77 percent of the entire population or 44,36 percent of those aged 16 and over.

Of these 3 181 816 have gone on the second shot, meaning 21,21 percent of the entire population or 33,89 percent of the 16+ population are fully vaccinated.

And of those 11 870 have gone on for the booster. This means we had used 7 358 508 doses by late Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, the daily number of active cases has also been very sticky with new cases almost exactly balancing recoveries and the total sticking at a little over 24 000 for almost the whole of the week.

The fourth wave saw a dramatic increase in daily new infections from around November 27 for the next three weeks, with the worst day for new infections being 6 181 on December 10 and the worst average, giving the trend, being 5 678 on December 14, the day it can be considered the fourth wave peaked.

Infection rates then fell almost as fast as they had arisen until around Boxing Day, and then they suddenly plateaued.

That halt in the fall in infection triggered the decision by President Mnangagwa to defer today’s planned schools opening.

If the trend seen this week continues and infection rates fall fast enough the decision could be revisited towards the end of the month.

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