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I won’t stop fighting corruption and dictatorship: Haruzivishe | VIDEO

By Shami Makombe

MDC Alliance youth executive member Makomborero Haruzivishe, still starting from ten months inside Harare Remand Prison, says prison pain is nothing compared to his desire to end corruption, dictatorship and human rights abuses.

Haruzivishe was jailed in April on three seperate charges including kidnapping and inciting violence. He won his freedom after top Harare lawyer Lovemore Madhuku on Friday successfully convinced judges to release the 29-year-old activist on bail.

However, prison authorities failed to release him the same day despite the $20,000 bail money having been paid, saying his papers were not in order.

Haruzivishe’s colleagues who included MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba waited in vain for Haruzivishe’s release. He was eventually released Saturday at around 3.30pm, and was collected by his lawyer, Simon Chabuka in a speeding BMW vehicle.

As his entourage sneaked into Harare CBD, party supporters who mostly included youths broke into song and dance denouncing the ruling Zanu PF party and the Government.

Addressing the crowd, Haruziviishe said doing prison time barely touched his resolve for a better Zimbabwe, adding that he never committed a crime.

“I did not commit any offence. The bail that I got is nothing. The bail that we want in this country is to be bailed out of corruption, dictatorship and human rights abuses. 

“Even if I am to go back to prison, I will not stop fighting injustice until we get freedom. We all must fight for our freedom because no one else will do it for us.

“Because of my strong determination, physical pain and emotional pain are nothing in the bigger scheme of things. I am prepared to fight until freedom is attained by all. The charge that I faced — if you check from the Constitution — is not a crime but a right.

“I am a victim of abuse of authority and institutions.  This is the kind of issue we want to address by freeing ourselves from this yoke of oppression by Zanu PF and its pliant actors. But I’m not broken; prison hasn’t broken me at all.”

Meanwhile, there is heightened speculation that Haruzivishe will contest in the March 26 by-elections.

Party insiders told HourlyHits that a safe seat has been identified by party leadership for the young activist, with the hope that his incarceration will draw a large sympathy vote and propel him into Parliament.

Nomination courts sit on Wednesday 26 January at various centres countrywide.

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