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Zim urges its nationals in SA to follow the law and acquire permits

GOVERNMENT has reminded Zimbabweans living in South Africa to respect the laws of the country and regularise their documents in the next 12 months.

In November last year, South Africa announced that it will not renew Zimbabwe exemption permits, urging those affected to regularize their stay.

The South African government has however since extended the exemption permits by 12 months to allow holders of the documents to apply for appropriate ordinary permits.

Zimbabwe is therefore calling for its nationals to respect the laws of the neighbouring country.

“This time the South African government is saying we are giving you 12 months grace period. Zimbabweans should utilise this grace period.

“It’s important to respect the rules and regulations of the host country to avoid acrimony,” said The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade spokesperson Livit Mugejo

Mugejo said the lines of communication between South Africa and Zimbabwe remain open.

“The issue of Zimbabweans in South Africa is high on the agenda of the meeting that will be held between the two countries. The government remains ceased with the matter,” he added.

The Zimbabwe exemption permits were brought into effect in 2009.

The grace period extended by the South African government means holders of the permits cannot be arrested and will be allowed in and out of the country during the course of this year.

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