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Girl (14) says Chief Musarurwa caressed her privates, attempted to rape her

By Fidelis Nyarambi

CHIEF Musarurwa of Chikomba distrct in Mashonaland East has been dragged to court by a local 14-year-old girl who claims the 52-year-old traditional leader fondled her breasts, caressed her vagina and kissed her in two separate incidents.

Chief Musarurwa, born Enos Musakwa, on Monday appeared before Chivhu Provincial Magistrate Batanai Madzinhira facing two counts of attempted rape. The incidents allegedly took place when the girl was 13.

The court heard that on two separate occasions, Chief Musarurwa cornered and fondled the teenager in an attempt to rape her. In the second incident, he allegedly lured the teenager into his official vehicle and attempted to rape her.

The court further heard that the incidents took place between August and September las year, but it took many complaints from the parents before Chivhu Police brought it to court. There were fears that the Chief was conniving with police to frustrate the case.

In the first case which took place sometime in September 2020, State prosecutor Corence Chimbadzwa outlined that the juvenile went to fetch water from a borehole near Chief Musarurwa’s homestead. The accused then lured the girl to his place where he fondled her breasts, caressed her vagina and kissed her in a corridor in his house.

After he was done, he then allowed her to go.

In the second count, the court heard that sometime in August 2021, the accused visited the complainant’s place of residence and found her in the company of her parents.

Chief Musarurwa allegedly managed to lure the girl out of her home into his official car saying he wanted to send her on some errands, but he later fondled her breasts, caressed her vagina and kissed her again for about ten minutes.

The girl managed to escape and made a report to her mother. A report was made to the police, who however took long to process the docket for court. Court records show that the case was reported at ZRP Chivhu on August 25, 2021.

An affidavit prepared by the complainant’s father says the Chief had betrayed the family’s trust in him as a community leader. The aggrieved parent said that Chief Musarurwa visited the family in his official car on August 9, 2021. They prepared him a meal and later gave him some groundnuts.

As he was leaving, Chief Musarurwa allegedly asked to go with the girl as he wanted to send her to some homestead. Without suspecting anything the parents agreed but told the Chief that the girl should come back early because she had some work to do at home, said the complainant’s father.

The parent alleges that Chief Musarurwa drove off and parked his car at a secluded place where he undressed the complainant and touched her private parts. He also kissed her and fondled her breasts.

The Chief was preparing to rape the juvenile and only stopped after the girl cried out for help, said the father. Chief Musarurwa then panicked and allegedly drove the girl back but dropped her off a distance from the homestead as she was crying.

The girl arrived home crying and told her ordeal to the parents. The parents followed the chief to his place but were told on arrival that he had already left for somewhere else.

“We feel let down because we trusted and respected him as a Chief. No one can suspect that from a Chief. When he returned with our daughter, he did not drop her at home because she was crying. He dropped her a distance away and sped off. When we asked her why she was crying, and she narrated her ordeal.

“We followed him to his homestead but we found him gone. We were told that he had gone to Manhize.

“When we reported the case to the police, he came to our home during the night and asked me what I want from him so that we can solve the matter amicably. I refused to negotiate with him because it is stupid to do so,” said the man

However, Chief Musarurwa, who is being represented by Norman Mugiya of Mugiya and Muvhimi Associates, is denying the charges.

His alibi is that he spent the month of September 2020 in Harare. He further said that on August 9, 2021 he visited the complainant’s place to see the father of the complainant who was not feeling well.

He said the girl’s parents asked him to talk to her as she had allegedly become a problem in the community.

Meanwhile, the case was postponed to January 14, 2022 for continuation of trial.

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