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Passion Java must be arrested: Harare lawyer

WEARING a police hat or any regalia is prohibited for non-members of the law enforcement body.

Passion Java has broken the law after he was photographed wearing a female cop’s servive hat.

According to the Police Act:

Any person who wears any uniforms or distinctive badge or button of the Police Force or anything which might reasonably be mistaken for any such uniform, badge or button as to be likely to deceive, shall, unless — (a) he is a member of the Police Force entitled by reason of his appointment, rank or designation to wear such uniform, badge or button; or (b) he has been granted permission by the Commissioner to wear such uniform, badge or button; be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level five or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months or to both such fine and such imprisonment. [Amended by Act 22 of 2001, with effect from the 10th September, 2002].

“That’s a clear breach of a very clear law and unless Java can prove he had been granted permission by the Commissioner to wear the Police service hat, any magistrate worth their salt will nail Java without thinking twice,” a Harare lawyer told HourlyHits.

Part of the provisions of the Police Act in respect of wearing police uniform or regalia.

The lawyer requesting anonymity for professional reasons.

She cited the 2014 case of Robert Boyiboyi, a Harare resident who was fined US$100 for criminal nuisance after pictures of him which were shot while he was in police uniform went viral.

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