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‘Sometimes I see visions’ – Sirizani still traumatised by accident

LIFESAVER Sirizani Butau, who risked his life to save at least eight people from a bus that caught fire along the Harare-Mutare highway on Christmas eve, is suffering psychological trauma and doctors say it will be months before he fully heals.

The truck driver is currently admitted Queen Mary Hospital in his hometown of Kadoma, but occasionally travels to Harare for medical assessment of his burns which he sustained saving lives.

Sirizani went out of his way to save accident victims who would otherwise have been burnt to death in the inferno which engulfed the bus and the haulage truck.

Speaking to ZBC TV from Kadoma, Butau has said he is severely afflicted by psychological trauma and sometimes sees visions while his body shakes terribly.

“I am still in shock, I still need time to heal my body sometimes my body shakes,” Butau told ZBC.

“Sometimes I see weird visions. I am suffering psychologically. As for the hospital bills, I am grateful to the nation as many have helped me.

“I am admitted here at Queen Mary Hospital but I occasionally travel to Harare for further assessment. Mars offered an ambulance for that and I am thankful.”

Doctors estimate that Butau might take up to three months to fully recover. A medical officer told ZBC that Butau suffered third-degree burns and will need three months to fully recuperate.

“Our hero is doing very well we are looking after him nicely, he is going to heal and it’s not going to leave any scars last week we went to Harare for assessment and they said there was no need for grafting, as you know he got 30 percent burns so a maximum of three months to fully recover,” said the doctor.

Support has also been coming from various quarters. Government departments including the Civil Protection Unit (CPU) and the , with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services have also made some donations.

Non-governmental organizations including Believe Foundation have also chipped in to assist the hero recover.

Butau’s heroics captured the attention of even President Emmerson Mnangagwa who promised that his Government will honour Butau for his selfless sacrifice.

“I was struck by the outstanding bravery of one of our citizens, Sirizani Butau who defied personal safety to rescue with the rescue effort, in the processes sustaining several burns and injuries,” said the President in December.

“Let me take this opportunity to appreciate Sirizani Butau who saved people from the Mutare Accident. As government we will honour him for his selfless sacrifice,” the President said in another statement.

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