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We each have a role to reverse effects of climate change

By Eliakim Kimlin

DYING polar bears, melting glaciers, rising water levels, deadly heat waves, and surge in cases of skin cancer. This is what we are going through all over the world because of our irresponsibility.

Many of the issues we face as human beings are undoubtedly due to climate change. It’s the silent killer that’s ravaging our beautiful planet right before our eyes.

Toxic wastes, both from domestic and commercial sources, have all synchronised to create a ticking bomb.

The results of this problem are exhibited in many countries, which are facing severe weather changes that have led to great economic losses and far-reaching effects on people. So, what exactly is climate change, and why is it a matter of concern?

This is easier described as human ignorance to keep the environment clean, for instance, when one refuses to pick up litter.

Infections and death

Our planet is virtually becoming a waste dump. Oceans and seas are filled with disgusting garbage which have wreaked havoc on marine life.

We should strive to keep our environment clean. When you, I and everyone else does it, we, together, significantly reduce climate change.

Recycling centres have been established in various regions, and waste bins are conveniently situated. When one litters, chemicals, and microparticles are released when the garbage decomposes. These chemicals find their way into water and soil, which affects food production and, consequently, our health.

Littering should be avoided at all costs, for so many innocent people end up paying the price for choices they didn’t make. Animals die at a high rate for consuming improperly discarded junk.

The direct effects of climate change may be due to increased temperatures and the intensity of heat waves. Heat stress may affect livestock health by causing metabolic disruptions, oxidative stress, and immune suppression causing infections and death.

Tree planting

So what should be done to curb this crisis? Firstly, it is our sole responsibility to avoid littering. Public awareness of the effects of littering can do a lot in solving climate change. Secondly, the imposition of strict rules and regulations will make people do the necessary.

Let us also invest in energy-efficient appliances, which are less energy-intensive. We should also adopt the habit of recycling.

Did you know that, if you recycle close to half of your household waste, you can save up to 2, 400 pounds of carbon dioxide annually? Tree-cutting should stop if climate change is to be solved, as trees absorb carbon dioxide and provide us with oxygen.

Tree planting should, therefore, be encouraged. If all these things are practiced, they will have an impact on climate change.

So let us join hands to eliminate the rising monster.

● Eliakim Kimlin is a Form Two student at Kabianga High School.

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