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‘We were outshined by the Nigerians, so what?’ – Mike Chimombe fumes

AFFIRMATIVE Action Group president and socialite Mike Chimombe is fuming at Zimbabwean who have been trolling him on social media saying he was outclassed by the Nigerian ‘roora squad’ led by Nigerian superstar Davido and his 30 Billion Gang.

Davido was in the country for the lavish wedding of Zimbabwean fashion designer Danielle Simba Allen who married with Nigerian socialite Igho “Tiny” Ubiribo, a friend of Davido’s.

But scenes from the Domboshava Road wedding in Borrowdale led social media trolls to claim Chimombe and his local folks were pushed to the periphery of spotlight by ‘Mbinga dzema shuwa’ Davido and his crew that included his manager Asa Asika.

Chimombe probably thought he was dressed for the kill at event dubbed “the wedding of the century”, but social media users had a field day after the event, claiming Chimombe and other local influencers were reduced to nonentities.

Some mocked Chimombe for his stature and political affiliation while others went to the extremes claiming he was sent to buy ice for the Nigerian visitors.

In an interview with H-Metro, Chimombe said he was used to the social media bullying and backlash he suffered.

“I have been reading some of the posts on social media after the wedding but I am not one person who will not lose sleep over people’s comments.

“The fact that I was trending along with other rich cousins of mine means that I am also a big person in society worth mentioning.

“In my case, I was humbled to play my part in helping my sister that I have known for close to a decade on her special day by playing my role,” said Chimombe who insisted that cyber bullies won’t stop him from shining.

Mike Chimombe at Dani and Igho’s wedding.

The politician said the cyber bullying he endured came as a result of attention-seeking people who have nothing to offer in life.

“I have also noted that some of the people have nothing to offer in life except their posts on social media where they want us to believe they are the ones who know it all in life yet they are poor.

“As a nation, we must do away with unnecessary hatred, forge alliance with influential people and see how best we can learn from them.

“In this case, it was just a wedding where we were supposed to host our visitors and I don’t think by offering our services we reduced ourselves to little men and women,” he said.

Chimombe said Daniella and Tiny’s event left them richer in terms of events management, unity and hospitality.

“Despite being a successful businessman, I have also realised that in life there are times when you need to humble yourself and embrace others, especially visitors.

“It’s sad that some of the people tend to take humility for inferiority but in this case we were simply welcoming our guests the best way we were raised by our elders.

“In our case, all those guys who came to the event did that in support of our sister and it’s sad when people are quick to draw comparisons on who was better the Nigerian entourage and the hosting team.

“It’s obvious the Nigerian entourage were going to steal the limelight because they were well prepared but we did our best by welcoming them, which is not a crime,” he said.

He, however, conceded he would not stop people from making comparisons since he had no control over their feelings.

“Like I said earlier on, there is nothing much that I am going to do over what people think but I won’t lose sleep over the issue. I won’t stop assisting my fellow brothers and sisters who need my expertise for the fear of social media backlash.

Nigerian businessman Igho weds Zimbabwean fashionista Danielle Simba Allen. Global music superstar Davido graced the event.

“The social media backlash has made me stronger and I would like to urge my fellow rich cousins who attended the event not to give an ear to haters,” he said.

Meanwhile, the social media backlash has brought about the Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure’s influence, which might have changed the game had the late businessman was still alive.

The late Ginimbi was known for hosting international celebrities where he used to call the shots and not vice versa.

Top celebrities comprising Pokello, Jackie Ngarande, Ms Shally, Chief J and Mike Chimombe were among the guests who graced the event.

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