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Tapiwa Freddy says Rutendo is bedding her ZBC boss and a musician

MORE skeletons are tumbling out of the closet as the rape trial of Goodness and Mercy Leader Prophet Tapiwa Freddy continues.

Freddy’s lawyers told the court that his alleged victim, Rutendo Makuti, a ZBC presenter is bedding her boss, one Albert Chekai.

Tapiwa Freddy’s lawyer Everson Chatambudza, during cross-examination, revealed that the presenter was deeply angered when her client (Freddy) ended their relationship.

Chatambudza said this was after Tapiwa Freddy found out that she was double-crossing him with her boss, Albert Chekai, who is the head of ZBC News and Current Affairs.

In the court proceedings, Freddy revealed that Rutendo Makuti was also cheating on him with a musician he didn’t name. “The accused decided to terminate his relationship with you because he found out that she was cheating on him with Albert Chekai (ZBC) and another musician. Is that correct?” Chatambudza asked during cross-examination.

Rutendo denied the allegations. This comes a day after it emerged that she consented to the sexual act and seduced Prophet T. Freddy by sending him nude pictures.

In an audio played in court on Friday by the prophet’s defence counsel, Makuti confessed that she got angry and forced to come to the Goodness and Mercy Ministries church because their relationship was fading.

In the audio Makuti said she was forced to come up with allegations because the man of God was no longer showing any interest in the relationship.

Yesterday the court heard that  Rutendo used nu_de pictures, audio, and text messages to demand se_x from Prophet T Freddy.

Rutendo’s nu_des and implicating audios were produced presented in court as evidence.

In one of the audios presented in court, Rutendo can be heard asking for a kiss and se_x from the self-proclaimed man of God.

In light of all the evidence presented in court, Rutendo confirmed that the nu_de pictures were taken from her phone. She, however, denied seducing Prophet T Freddy.

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