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Nakamba’s latest ‘birthday’ car gets Zimbos asking if education still matters

ASTON Villa and Zimbabwe Warriors international Marvelous Nakamba has been pictured with his latest exotic car, leading to many Zimbabweans asking if education was all that important in modern times.

This comes just six months after the Hwange born soccer star, who loves cars, showed off his then latest Lamborghini Aventador, a 6.5-liter V-12 that is worth a staggering US $425 000 plus.

The latest roadster has got social media talking, with many debating whether education was worth all the toil.

The car also comes as Nakamba, who did his secondary education at Njube High School in Bulawayo before turning to soccer, turns 28 on Wednesday this week.

Below are some of the responses:

Controllar Gabi: Yes. You just need to know what education is. It isn’t limited to the classroom. Neither is it limited to academic qualifications. Education will always be key to success. To make it in football, you MUST have a solid football education etc.

Get the best education you can get in your trade. You can’t & won’t excel without it. That should be the moral here. People should just understand that education is broader than what happens in the classroom & what’s on academic certificates.

Sports people usually play once a week in a sports season (eg football). In other sports, they play matches less frequently (eg tennis). Between competitions they are in training (education). Not just hitting the ball. They have sports psychologists, financial/ legal advisers etc

Zanda Toto said: You’ve just given me homework to read up on what success is? Is it defined by goals set by an individual or it is a societal measure? Is it attaining social status linked to wealth, prosperity or fame? Is there an ultimate definition of success? Amazon📚here I come🏃🏾‍♂️

Dominic Muntanga said: Education must produce Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills. Not all skills are taught in school, but school provides a foundational and transferable skills on which to further build skills. Nakamba learned skills that have enabled him to achieve what he has. So yes, education is key!

Nigel Mudumiso said: But how many Nakambas do we have in Zim. Education surely can give you a base to launch your success.

I think we still believe in the old model of what education is. In Europe kids enroll in football academies at your ages and learn to perfect their craft there. Others enroll in music and art xuls. It’s still education but not in the traditional setup.

Drew Samaita said: Educated people have a tendency to make their money quietly as well, bhuku rodzikamisa hana. Luk at their hustlers ana Passion, if I told you a Zimbo in SA with an Engineering company has was mo money than him but you’ll neva knw cz he lays low isu kutomuziva via UZ.

Brian Mazorodze said: Education is not always key to success but it remains important in ensuring that you live at least an average life. Soccer can pay but it has two challenges. 1. It is extremely difficult to reach the top level which is why we celebrate Nakamba. 2. The career is short.

Tafadzwa Mutasa said: Without education you we wouldn’t have this platform. Let’s just start there…..if you’ve failed to use your education don’t blame education. Many people are able to use it.

Tapiwa Tan said: Yes. Nakamba is an exception. 1 in a million.
Education gives you options and you can leverage on that.
Manje haugone ma sports wosiya chikoro then what what.

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