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Zambia stops mass Covid-19 testing over shortage of kits

ZAMBIA’S Health minister Sylvia Masebo has announced that the Ministry of Health has stopped mass Covid-19 testing due to a shortage of test kits.

Masebo said that Zambia cannot cope with mass test screening as has been the case since Covid-19 broke out in Zambia, hence for now only persons with severe symptoms will be tested.

Speaking at a media briefing for the Covid-19 situation in Zambia, Masebo explained that due to the escalating community inspections and rising positivity rate, testing everyone will become unsustainable and therefore, only persons with Covid-19 symptoms will be prioritized.

Zambia in the past week recorded a slight reduction in the overall number of new Covid-19 cases detected from 26,557 in the previous week to 23,227 cases.

However, the week witnessed more deaths from 41 the previous week to 69 cases in the past week.

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