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Malema starts visiting restaurants employing foreigners

By Nancy Samuriwo

SOUTH Africa’s opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, today begins “visiting” restaurants in Midrand, South Africa, to check the employment ratios of foreigners to locals, in what appears to be an onslaught on foreigners especially Zimbabweans.

As reported by HourlyHits last week, Malema has declared war on restaurants and hotels which he said are employing foreigners at the expense of locals who need the jobs.

The militant former ANC youth leader made the remarks while addressing about 6 000 party supporters who gathered at the Moses Mabhida’s People’s Park.

Now, in a tweet, the EFF announced it is implementing the visists “to check” on the “labour practice” of the targeted restaurants.

“The visit will consist of an interaction between Julius Malema and the management of these restaurants, to check their labour policies, staff compliment and ensure that our fellow Africans are not exploited and locals are employed to a satisfactory level.

“The visit will be conducted … in Kreme Restaurant, Mall of Africa, Midrand,” said the EFF.

His visit comes at a time when an organization calling itself South Africa First is already evicting some Zimbabweans from houses and markets selling an assortment of wares.

However, Malema emphasized last week that it was not EFF policy to fight its “African brothers and sisters”, but said the employers in the hospitality industry in South Africa deserved to be “visited” in the coming week for their disregard of the law governing employment procedures.

“We are poor, unemployed and in need of jobs. When you go to restaurants, foreigners are working in restaurants,” Malema complained. “But do not hate the foreigners; they did not hire themselves. Hate the owners who employed them.

“From next week, are visiting the hospitality industries. We want the owner of the Hilton Hotel in Durban to tell us how many South Africans are they employing at their hotel.

“We are together with our fellow African brothers and sisters, but the law says when you start a business, you must hire locally. Why is the law not applying at Hilton Hotel, at other restaurants?”

“We want locals to be prioritized for employment. We must visit hospitality venues and ask them how many South Africans they are hiring,” said EFF Julius Malema.

The South African government recently launched a crackdown on Zimbabwean illegal immigrants and sent back home soon after their arrest in the Musina area.

Thousands of Zimbabweans have been deported since the crackdown closely monitored by Home Affairs Minister Pakishe Aaron Motsoaledi.

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