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Man on the run after impregnating own under-age daughter

A MARANGE man is on the run after impregnating his under-age daughter.

Amos Marange was recently arraigned before Chief Bernard Marange’s courts for impregnating his under-aged daughter some time ago.

Marange, whose whereabouts are currently unknown ever since he appeared before the traditional court, was fined two beasts for defiling the area. Chief Marange, through his secretary Mr Brighton Marange, confirmed the incident on Monday and said Amos is yet to deliver the two cattle.

“We fined Amos for defiling our area. After thorough interrogation, he admitted before our courts that he slept with his daughter. He bedded his daughter and impregnated her. He defiled the Manhu Village and the whole Marange community.

“We are, however, yet to ascertain the exact age of the girl. Bedding your daughter, no matter her age, is an abomination.

“We are also enlisting the services of the police since Amos’ act was also criminal. We will leave no stone unturned to make sure that the girl child is protected.

“We are deeply concerned with this kind of behaviour. We have realised that some people are doing such things for rituals,” he said.

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