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Zimbabwe has exceeded its population carrying capacity

By Dr Brian Sedze

SHORT of a miracle or change of government ways in leading the economy, I opine that Zimbabwe has exceeded its carrying capacity and somehow we have to slow down population growth.

With only less than 10% adults working, people living on less than a dollar a day, civil servants who earn US$100 a month, diaspora that supports an average of 10 local people, with 3+ million migrants under threat of deportation in SA, cities that can’t manage sewer and water provision, inadequate electricity, etc it is apparent that our country has exceeded its carrying capacity.

Unguided population growth should be curtailed. Prosperity allows production of as many children as is wished. However, in poverty it is a burden to the individual, family, society and taxpayers.

The prospect of economic growth and job creation matching our population is a long term prospect due to more than four decades of being in an economic abyss.

Only big, hairy and audacious economic moves can justify population growth.

However our government is still heavily invested and investing in agriculture and mining. These two should destroy jobs rather than create them.

The country in addition must plan its population and economy with bare fact that we face a prospect of Zimbabweans in the region being deported.

Most of the migrants have very insignificant investments home yet the country is broke to sustain the requisite social interventions.

Outside the economy it is now imperative to plan population too.

  • Dr Brian Sedze is strategy consultant, economist and tax consultant. He can be contacted on [email protected]

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