How to boost your CV through volunteering

The Catch-22 position that many young people find themselves in — they need experience to get work, but need the work to get the experience — can be alleviated through volunteering.

“Volunteering is a great way to learn critical workplace skills and give back at the same time. You’ll be working alongside industry professionals and building social capital that can help you stand out to potential employers.

“For matriculants and graduates who are just entering the workforce, it’s also a chance to try out different roles before committing to a career path,” says Romy Heldsinger, CEO at online volunteering platform She advises:

  • Many young people are aware of their talents but do not have the opportunity to demonstrate them — volunteering allows them to build their CVs;
  • Look for opportunities that provide the chance to learn the skills you would need in your chosen career;
  • You can connect with many people while volunteering to widen your network and improve your chances of finding work;
  • Look for organisations that are meaningful to you so the time you spend volunteering has purpose; and
  • Feature your volunteering activities on your social media platforms — to promote the organisation and to build your own profile. Many employers look at LinkedIn, for example, when recruiting. 

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