AECI Is Hiring: Boiler Operator Assistant – South Africa

Closing Date: 24 February 2023

Job Description

Provide support to Boiler Operator to ensure delivery of steam is maintained, the safe operation and efficiency running of the plant associated machinery under their control during shift.

Assist with the start-up and shutdown of the boilers as and when required, also maintain, monitor performance operating conditions adjust accordingly, carry regular equipment and plant inspections.
Monitor all boiler water levels and assist with preparing samples for water analysis according to standard specification.
Check and adjust the dosage of various chemicals and operation of the water softening plants to maintain the correct feed and boiler water quality.
In the event of power failure and under instruction from the Boiler Operator, to manual control steam drum level from the firing floor.

Check and operate emergency equipment, (in the emergency conditions, which may arise either due to faulty or equipment failure within the boiler attendants area or outside of it, e.g. power failures, plant emergency shutdowns and troubles).
Must be able to take necessary action to protect life, plant and equipment to maintain continuity of steam supplies, during upset and be able to assist restore the plant to normal conditions quickly after upset.
To record and logging information for subsequent analysis for record purposes.
To maintain stock levels of boiler water treatment chemicals.
Assist loading chemical drums onto stand and salt mixing tanks.
To ensure that standby gas and coal boiler is available when needed.
To monitor all effluent systems and report any deviations to Plant Operator in charge.
To assist during boiler statutory shutdowns, removing and replacing of boiler equipment in general.
Responsible to maintain good housekeeping in plant general areas.

Qualifications & Experience

Matric/Grade 12/EquivalentAt least 1 year work experience in a Boiler PlantMust be able to take over responsibility of the Boiler Operator when the incumbent becomes incapacitated whilst on shift until supervision/alternate reliever is available (+- 1 hour)

Must be able to read, write and follow instructions from Plant Operators.

Must have previous experience in boiler water treatment analysis.

Must be able to rely on his/her own judgement and experience to maintain steam supply to the factory and prevent dangerous conditions being reached on the station.

Must be physically fit as the work requires lot of climbing staircases, cat ladders and operating of valves

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