U.S. Embassy & Consulates Is Hiring: Warehouse Worker (Truck Driver) – South Africa

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The U.S. Mission in Pretoria is seeking eligible and qualified applicants for a position of Warehouse Worker (Truck Driver) in the General Services Office (GSO).Basic Function of PositionThis standard job description is for a Warehouse Worker (Truck Driver) who is responsible for safely and efficiently operating a U.S. Government-owned or leased trucks, large cargo vehicles or other vehicles.The incumbent is also responsible for safe handling, transporting and storage of both expendable and non-expendable items. The position is in the General Services Office and under the supervision of the Warehouse Manager.This position is characterized as providing support to medium size posts with no Property Supervisor.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Driving and Transportation

Safely operates U.S. Government-owned or leased vehicles including heavy or light duty trucks, pick-up trucks, vans, cargo vans, etc. as required to transport expendable and non-expendable items to and from the warehouse to office building, residential properties, and other locations.

Safely operates forklifts, pallet jacks, dollies, trolleys, and other material handling equipment to move supplies to and from proper storage areas.Cleans, polishes and checks vehicle before and after operation to ensure that it is in serviceable condition. Conducts vehicle inspection and reports vehicle deficiencies to the supervisor. Performs minor vehicle maintenance repairs, as needed.Handles cash up to $1,000 and/or handle government fuel credit card for vehicle with $300 limit.

Warehouse Operations and Maintenance

Job holder performs loading and unloading of both expendable and non-expendable including but not limited to furniture, appliances etc. from trucks/vans to the warehouse(s). Assists in organizing, preparation and the delivery of items from the warehouse to office buildings, residences and other locations.
Assemble and dismantle or move furniture, appliances such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, stoves etc. as needed, without causing any damage to U.G. Government property.
Assists in packing, unpacking and delivery of welcome kits to the new arrivals as directed by the supervisor. Organizes and distributes expendable supplies to customers and various sections as required.
Oversees the loading and unloading of trucks to ensure the vehicle may be driven safely and no damage will occur to Embassy property.
Assists in moving and storing items and maintenance of storage spaces.


Assists with inventory of the warehouse to ensure that all items are stored properly, no theft has accrued, no safety or fire hazards exist.
Conduct individual inventories of residences and inspect items to ensure that no theft or damage of the embassy property has accrued. Identifies and reports damaged or missing items for replacement.
Assists in arranging items for sale or disposal.

Other Duties Assigned

Provides manual assistance during visits and/or events such as setting up of control rooms, safeguarding property, tracking of items and equipment etc.
Escorts visitors, outside contractors and non-cleared employees at post when required.
May be required to provide manual labor assistance to any of the sections or offices as directed by the supervisor.

Required Experience & Qualification

Completion of high school education is required.

Prior Work Experience

A minimum of two (2) years of professional truck or heavy vehicle driving experience is required. In addition to one (1) year of experience in manual labor or warehouse work is required.

Language Proficiency:

English (Limited knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required.

Plus, any of the 12 local language (Good Working knowledge) Reading/Writing/Speaking is required.

Job Knowledge

Good working knowledge of warehouse operations, procedures, USG safety and security standards.

Good work knowledge of maintenance and efficient usage of warehouse storage space.Good working knowledge of conducting inventory and stacking of items/equipment.Knowledge of local traffic laws and regulations. Knowledge of in-country travel routes and areas is required.

Skills and Abilities

Ability to physically be able to perform loading and unloading. Must be able to handle heavy objects smoothly and efficiently. Must be able to able to lift a maximum of 51 lbs. (23kg) under OSHA standards.Ability to use warehouse tools and safely operate equipment such as forklifts, hand trolleys, electronic lifters etc.Must be able to diagnose and handle preventive maintenance and first-echelon automotive repairs. Ability to detect vehicle defects and report them immediately to authorities concerned.Must be able to perform assign tasks in all types of weather, and environmental weather conditions to include at times severe cold, extreme heat, wet or dry weather conditions, and high winds.Must hold a valid and legally obtained heavy vehicle driver’s license & PDP.

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