CapeNature Is Hiring: 3 X Marine Field Rangers (Level 4) – Marine And Coast Operations, Walkerbay Nature Reserve

Closing Date: 19 April 2023

Job Description

These positions are suited to dedicated conservationists who would like to contribute meaningfully to the conservation of biodiversity through primarily marine and coastal anti-poaching and enforcement operations within the Marine and Coast Operations component to be based at Hermanus.


KRA 1: Contribute to marine and coastal conservation action to enhance biodiversity resilience through targeted ecosystem conservation and restoration initiatives (5%).

This includes planning, implementation, and monitoring of conservation and restoration efforts to protect and conserve a functioning estuary and MPA and the associated species.
Participate in any disaster management responses at a local level.
Implementation of estuary related planning systems and tools.

KRA 2: Contribute to marine and coastal conservation in ways that address biodiversity loss (5%).

Prioritize ecosystems and key indicator species thereby contributing to their conservation

Participate where both Conservation Operations and Biodiversity Capabilities components implement solution-based conservation-orientated interventions.Ensure that applied research (internal and external) mainstreamed to influence local and Marine and Coasts planning and decision-making processes.

KRA 3: To assist in risk management, governance, compliance monitoring, and effective enforcement operations in the region (75%).

Be aware of and participate in interventions that predict, minimize, and mitigate risks due to unnatural and natural disasters.
Ensuring that enforcement operations are effective in achieving the objectives of the estuary and MPA management plan and associated legislation, policies, agreements.
Participation in estuary-based partnerships, especially with regards to law enforcement and compliance monitoring.
Advocate for behavioral change and promote voluntary compliance
Identify and motivate for innovation and improved technologies

KRA 4: Contribute to marine and coastal conservation in promoting the biodiversity economy and enhancing biodiversity access and sustainable use (5%).

This includes participating in local partnerships with a focus on conservation as well as any associated non-extractive socio-economic benefits and community empowerment opportunities
Identify and participate in projects that are based on sustainable non-extractive economic opportunities, aligned to the entity’s directive to enhance access and socio-economic opportunities.
Support for the implementation of targeted biodiversity economic activities to promote job creation, work opportunities, and livelihood support
Participate in initiatives that promote access to the estuary for recreational, educational, and traditional purposes (ecotourism offering and access to communities).
Contribute to stakeholder engagement and learning.

KRA 5: Contribute and assist to advance knowledge exchanges, peer learning, capacity building, and mentorship (10%)

Participate in the Marine and Coasts Operations coaching, mentorship, and capacity building programmes

Participate in research, development, and implementation of innovative technologies or decision-support tools.Facilitating knowledge exchanges and peer learning opportunities


Grade 12 certificate
At least 5 years of job-related experience with an emphasis on estuary, coastal or marine enforcement and anti-poaching fields
Working knowledge of enforcement operations, operational plans, the Integrated Coastal Management Act, the Protected Areas Act and/or the Marine Living Resources Act.
A valid EB driver’s licen
No criminal record.
Peace Officer qualification or FishForce certification or FCO.
Bilingualism in two of the three official languages of the Western Cape


15-Nautical Mile Skipper license with at least 3 years of proven experience.
A relevant Tertiary Diploma
Appointed Fisheries Control Officer and/or EMI.
Marine Radio operator qualification
Firearm competency


Willingness to work irregular hours, after-hours, and perform stand-by duties.
Thorough working knowledge of MS Office and QGIS (or equivalent).
Good written, verbal, interpersonal, and communication skills in English.
Physical fitness to be able to perform strenuous activities.
Ability to work in integrated teams.
Analytical/technical mindset.
Administration skills.
Inter-personal skills
Problem-solving skills

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