Hollywoodbets Is Hiring: Housekeeper – KwaZulu-Natal


Job Description

Being a part of the Hollywoodbets Purple Team is an opportunity to become a part of one of South Africa’s biggest success stories. From humble beginnings in Durban, Hollywoodbets has grown into a powerhouse brand operating across Africa and the United Kingdom. And that’s just the beginning. Our talented Team is on a mission to increase our global footprint, ready to take on any challenge because at Hollywoodbets, not even the sky is the limit. Join our Team and let’s reach for the stars.

We have an amazing opportunity for a Housekeeper. Do you think you have what it takes to be our newest Purple Star?

The successful candidate will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at the Branch and ensure the building is always in a clean and orderly condition, always.

With Hollywoodbets You Will:

Innovate and create as part of a like-minded, authentic Team eager to achieve goals.

Embrace challenges and the thrill of working in a vibrant and fast-paced industry.

Grow with our development plans and culture that allows you to further your career.

You Bring:

Housekeeping experience.
What you’ll Do For The Branch:

Cleaner attired in Hollywood Uniform as per prescribed rules and regulations. Personal hygiene is always maintained.

Ensures work areas are clean and tidy prior to opening, during service and at closing times (this includes the inside and outside of the Branch, as well as the car Park area).

Floors are swept and mopped, scrubbed and/or vacuumed. Walls are cleaned. Refuse is gathered and disposed of. Bins are to be emptied, washed or sanitized and replaced with refuse bags.

Toilets are to be cleaned.Tables and counters, chairs, TV screens, furniture, lights and machines and/or equipment is clean and wiped prior to team members commencing work.Ensures that service areas are neat and tidy during peak periods and quiet periods.

Appropriate use of cleaning chemicals and cleaning detergents.

Requests cleaning fluids and/or worn cleaning equipment e.g. mops/brooms/dusters from Branch Manager as and when required.Declares breakages to the Branch Manager.The cleaning of branch aircon filters weekly.Ensure that the all tables & chairs in the Gaming areas are maintained – seat covers are monitored, and request replacements as needed.Table legs are adjusted to avoid wobbling, table tops and edges should be reported if refurbishing is required.

You will bring to the Team:

Time Management.
Optimal use of time to ensure maximum output and delivery as per required timeframes.
Prioritize and anticipate timeframes.
Identify possible delays in advance and plan accordingly.

Please note that only team members who meet the stipulated minimum requirements will be considered.

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