Apply For Sasol Bursary Opportunities – South Africa

South African Mainstream Bursary Programme

(Application close 23 May 2023)

The Sasol Bursary programme comprises of a comprehensive package that covers both financial as well as developmental support throughout the study period. Bursaries are awarded for full-time university studies in engineering and science. Upon successful completion of the study period, students may be employed within the Sasol Group through our Graduate Development Programmes.

The Sasol Bursary Programme comprises:

Applications may be submitted for degrees (no diplomas) in one of the following fields of study:

Undergraduate Studies (B.Eng. / B.Sc.)

Chemical Engineering
Chemistry (Hons. is a requirement for Sasol)
Civil Engineering
Data Science (Computer Science / Mathematics / Operations Research / Statistics)
Electrical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Geology (Hons. is a requirement for Sasol)
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgy (Hons. is a requirement for Sasol)
Mining Engineering

Undergraduate Studies (B. Eng. Tech.) – University of Technology

Mine Surveying

Postgraduate (M.Sc. / M.Eng. / PhD.)

To support economic growth demands in South Africa and to satisfy our own requirements for highly skilled postgraduates in the science and engineering disciplines, Sasol awards postgraduate bursaries for M.Sc., M.Eng. and PhD. studies in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

These awards will be made for postgraduate research supporting Sasol and South Africa’s energy and circular economy transition, through application in the following core disciplines:

Chemical Engineering – Fluid Dynamics
Chemical Engineering – Mathematical and Statistical Modelling
Chemical Engineering – Process Modelling
Chemical Engineering – Reactor Technology
Chemical Engineering – Separation Technology
Chemical Engineering – Thermodynamics
Chemistry – Advance analytical Chemistry in the areas of Vibrational Spectroscopy or Gas Chromatography
Chemistry – Catalysis or Polymer Science
Chemistry – Environmental Science in the areas of Water, Waste or Air, or in Air with focus on dispersion modelling
Cyber Security
Data Science – Applied Mathematics
Data Science – Statistics
 Applicants are not required to have a formal project proposal ready but should know in which area of chemistry or chemical engineering they would like to study and must be able to discuss possible topics which will support the current sustainability imperatives.

Successful candidates will engage with Sasol technical experts and academic supervisors to finalise a project proposal

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