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SERVE as the focal point for customers, taking receipt of and responding to inquiries or requests for technical assistant as the next Service Desk Intern sought by a dynamic provider of provider of innovative Software & Systems Solutions. The successful incumbent must have Matric/Grade 12, an N+/A+ or an IT Diploma or up with around 1 year work experience including prior Service Desk experience working with a ticketing system. The ideal candidate must also have good clear spoken and written communication and telephone etiquette.

Customer Service –
Professionally respond to and assist with all customer queries.
Remain courteous, tactful, honest and professional in all communication with other parties.
Regularly update all customers with progress-information and estimated times to completion.
Regularly follow-up on outstanding queries with other entities who are involved with specific requests.
Adhere to and comply with all commitments made.
Remain calm and collected in adverse situations.
Be alerted to deteriorating customer-service within the environment and intervene directly or by escalation.

Support- or Information-requests –Process support or information-requests from various sources (phone, email, logging-system integration, etc.) for the purpose of providing solutions to the customer.Telephonically and remotely identify, diagnose and resolve all requests to the best of his / her capability.Retain ownership of support-call and diligently manage to resolution.Escalate to other support-entities (colleagues, other departments, other service providers) where personal resolution is unachievable.Assess the need for onsite support against the high cost thereof.Monitor time spent on remote request-resolution to ensure resolutions (own or other entity) are achieved within contractual service-level obligations.Verify whether current requests are repeat requests. If necessary, apply different solutions and/or escalate to other support-entities to ensure that further repeats are minimised or eliminated.Recognise and alert the Team Leader of trends in customer calls.Perform research and continued effort towards education for the purpose of improving knowledge- and experience-levels in the products supported by the company.

Record Keeping –
Before creating a new support- or information-request record verify that the same request is not captured already.
Create the initial record for and accurately capture any reported support- or information request in the call-logging software.
Ensure that all auxiliary fields in the call-logging software are completed accurately and updated as further information becomes available (e.g., call-source, contact-details, CIselection, call-categories, severities, etc.).
Accurately capture all information pertaining to resolution-attempts in the journals.
Escalate observations where the call-logging software is incorrect or incomplete in order to further improve accuracy of records.

Policies and Procedures –

To adhere to company policies and procedures code and regulationsYou may be required to conform the legitimate instruction of any employee in authority over yourself, which is not stipulated in your job description.


An N+/A+ or an IT Diploma or up.Around 1 year work experience.Service Desk experience critical where they worked with ticketing system.Good clear spoken and written communication.Good telephone etiquette.


Attention to detail.Initiative and Self-motivation.Interpersonal relationships.Professionalism.Good time-management.Technical skills.

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