Bridgestone Is Hiring: General Worker – Postmasburg,South Africa


Job Purpose

We are looking for a General Worker reporting directly to the Branch Manager. This is a local role, based in Postmasburg.

You will ensure that all the tyres are maintained.

Tyre Maintenance

All vehicles to leave the yard with tyres as per SLA;
All vehicles are surveyed at least once a month;
Conduct pressure maintenance and correctly capture pressure readings on Survey Sheet;
Capture tread depth readings over three sections of the tread area and capture on Survey Sheet;
Fit all wheel positions with valve caps and on all dual positions a valve extension;
All tyre movements are captured on a Tyre Change Slip;
All wheel changes must be done subject to SLA;
Remove smooth tyres and match tread, size and status mismatches;
Remove tyres with a pressure reading under a 15% of the recommended pressure and check for irregularities;
Brand tyres as per Bridgestone Commercial and Client agreement;
Torque all wheel positions at least once a month;
Report all wheel defects with a Tyre Action Report;
Inspect and clean rims before fitting tyres.
Stock is taken on a daily basis in a Bridgestone Commercial Stock Book;
Stock must be taken by size and brand number;
Report daily stock to Customer. (Sign off Stock Sheet);
All tyres in stock must have a brand number for identification.

Health & Safety

Correctly lift motor vehicle;
Utilize correct tools for the job;
Correctly fit tyres to rim;
Fit wheels on to motor vehicles correctly;
Always dressed in Bridgestone Commercial PPE;
Handle tools with care and keep them clean at all times;
Ensure work area and yard is always clean;
Machines & tools are always stored correct and safely;
Dressing rooms are always presentable and neat;
Ensure that no company property gets damaged;
Tyres are neatly packed and clearly marked for easy identification;
Comply with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act;
Ensure Personal Protective Equipment and facilities provided by the company are in good and clean working condition.

Capture tyre survey info in a Bridgestone Commercial Survey Book;
Capture all tyre movements in a Bridgestone Commercial Tyre Change Slip Book;
All tyres sent to the factory must be captured in a Factory Control Book;
Keep a Branding Register of all tyres branded;
All paperwork must be stored in a save dry place.

Customer Liaison
Identify all Maintenance Related Problems and report to the customer;
Maintain a good working relationship with the customer;
Undertake all reasonable requests and instructions, given verbally or in writing that falls within the parameters of own line of duty;
Ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
General Responsibilities
Torque wrench spring relax after use;
Lubricate impact on daily basis;
Drain water traps and compressor daily;
Clean and store equipment daily;
Compliance to health and safety procedures on site.

National senior Certificate
Proficiency in English
2 years tyre experience

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