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Intelligent Debt Management Is Hiring: Leadership And Development Coach – Cape Town, South Africa


Job Description

IDM is seeking an L&D Coach to guide and teach young professionals the skills they need for a leadership role. Their duties include skills coaching, and helping to position employees for leadership roles.

Coach duties and responsibilities:

A successful Coach should have extensive experience in leadership development and be able to develop young potential leaders. Their main responsibility is to guide them through their pre-leader development, with some specific duties and responsibilities, including:

Planning and leading coaching sessions
Creating strategies to lead the team to successful leadership appointments.
Providing feedback to employees and managers.
Maintaining coaching records.
Have influence on the decision to appoint in leadership roles.
Mentoring employees to develop cognitive skills.
Motivating employees to improve and guiding them through interview feedback.

Coach skills and qualifications:

A successful Coach candidate will have different prerequisite skills and qualifications needed for the duties, including:

Related bachelor’s degree
Coaching fundamental education and training certification.
Leadership certifications.

Coach experience requirements:

Understanding of the philosophy of leadership.
Familiarity with specific skills and strategies for leadership roles.
Strong leadership skills to motivate and develop others.
Communicating and collaborating with managers.
Ability to help employees improve through practices and individual coaching.
Organization and planning skills are important to keep the coaching program well-coordinated and under control.
Proven experience in coaching in career development and creating a sense of teamwork to build strong team dynamics.
Demonstrates the ability to coach and mentor.
Previous leadership experience.
Good communication is essential to teaching important skills, listening to employees and giving them personalized coaching and support as needed.

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