Pebbles Project Is Hiring: Social Worker – South Africa


Critical performance areas

  • Social Work Services
  • Initiative Implementation
  • Training and Guidance
  • Administration
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


1.Social Work Services

  • Render a social work service with regard to the care, support, protection, and development of vulnerable individuals, families and communities through the relevant programmes (case work, group work and community work).
  • Identify appropriate interventions/strategies required to address the challenges.
  • Assist with the development and planning of programmes to render the recommended interventions efficiently, effectively and economically.

2.Initiative Implementation

  • Implementation of the recommended interventions by providing continuous support, counselling and guidance to individuals, groups, families and communities.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions, report on progress and assist in identifying further/amended interventions to address the challenges.
  • Disseminate information pertaining to legislation, policies and procedures in the social work field.
  • Conduct prevention, protection, rehabilitation, outreach, and empowerment initiatives in the social work field, including parent training.
  • Produce and maintain records and data of interventions, processes and outcomes.
  • Keep abreast with new developments in the social work field. This will include attending meetings, workshops and conferences.
  • To refer and liaise with external service providers such as psychologists and statutory social worker organizations, when required.

3.Training and Guidance

  • Provide training, guidance and assistance to Action Committee members.
  • Assist in educating facilitators and families on the Child Protection Policy.


  • Performing any administrative duties as requested by the organisation.

5.Monitoring and Evaluation

To ensure all cases are monitored and tracked in alignment with the Code of Ethics.

To contribute towards Social Work report writing and submit reports requested from the Senior Management Team, Social Work Manager and Fundraising Team.

Assist the Chief Operations Officer and Chief Administrative Officer with the collection of relevant and appropriate data needed for the effective monitoring of the relevant services.Ensure timely (monthly) sharing of M&E information

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