OMNIA Is Hiring x3 Operator (Explosives Truck) – South Africa


Role impacts:

  • Vehicle safety
  • General maintenance & house keeping
  • Quality control

Key Relationships:

  • Senior Management/Management
  • Customers
  • Support Teams
  • Operations
  • Any other stakeholder as may be deemed important and relevant from time to time.


  • Grade 12 (Mathematics)
  • EC Licence
  • Dangerous Goods and Passengers permit (DGP)

Advantageous Requirements:

  • Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Email)


  • 3 years Truck Driving experience (preferably in mining environment)
  • 5 years’ experience in driving heavy duty vehicles (EC)


  • Conducts the prescribed pre-use inspections and completion of the checklist prior to use of the truck
  • Ensures that immediate corrections or repairs must be brought about before driving off when any problems in the red category are detected
  • Makes the necessary corrections or repairs in the event of detecting any problems in the blue category, on site if possible, otherwise to report this for correction within 24 hours
  • Signs the checklist and ensures that it is also signed by the Foreman and the mechanic
  • Calibrates the instrumentation on the truck plant to ensure that all metrics remain correct or after major repairs were done on the vehicle, on
    a monthly basis
  • Cleans the vehicle on an ongoing basis so that it is presentable in the eye of the public and takes personal pride in it
  • Completes for Truck Performance administration daily
  • Greases, captures and signs off the truck on a weekly basis
  • Calibrates the sample required scale daily
  • Drives the truck safely and responsibly in all weather conditions and on all road surface conditions when picking up or delivering product to
    the blasting site, responsible for
  • Ensures that all the prescribed legal paperwork is in truck (e.g., copies of manufacturing permits, CTP, TTP, as stated in work instruction)
  • Supervises the loading of the truck at the silos with the required product by the Truck Assistant

Job Competencies

  • Ensures that all SHERQ requirements are met
  • Receives the charging instruction from the Blaster
  • Carries out an inspection of all the holes and measures and records them to ensure that they are drilled to the correct depth
  • Reports any out of spec holes to blaster
  • Performs calculations to determine the correct mass of product to be loaded in each hole and reports any discrepancies to with the Foreman
  • Inspects all the pumps and settings prior to commencing with the pumping process
  • Takes a sample of the product and then analyses it to assess the product density prior to commencing the charging process
  • Reports any out of spec analyses to the Foreman and will only start the pumping when completely satisfied with the product quality
  • Reports any out of spec settings or equipment to the Foreman and will only start the pumping when completely satisfied with the mechanics
    of the process
  • Engages the pumping process and loading the holes according to the design specs while ensuring all prescribed SHERQ requirements are
  • Takes a sample of the product as per BME standards, and/or customer requirements, to ensure that the product quality remains within spec
    and records it on the sheet provided
  • Performs general administrative duties such as correct completion of loading sheets, pre-use checklists, as per BME standards
  • Complete grease schedules, calibrations and truck performance
  • Supervises the work of the Truck Assistant

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