Marketing Sales Trainee And Development Leader – TUG – South Africa


Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

Coaching and Development: You will start as a trainee but quickly transition into a leadership role where you’ll be responsible for coaching and developing a sales team. This includes setting clear, achievable sales objectives and maintaining operational standards.

Team Leadership: Motivate and energize a diverse sales team to achieve their set sales targets. Your positive and solution-focused attitude will play a crucial role in keeping the team motivated.

Communication: Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential for effectively conveying goals, expectations, and feedback to your team.

Adaptability: You should be open to new ideas and processes and be able to drive their implementation within your team. Adapting to changes and fostering a culture of innovation is important.

Skills and Experience:

Sales Success: You should have a proven track record of personal success in a sales environment. High-achievers who have met or exceeded sales targets are well-suited for this role.

Leadership Abilities: Strong leadership skills are necessary to motivate and lead your sales team. Leading by example and maintaining a positive and professional culture are key aspects of this role.

What’s Offered:

Family-Owned Business: The company has a family-owned culture, which can often lead to a more tight-knit and supportive work environment.

Product Portfolio: You’ll have the advantage of working with a product portfolio backed by an expert testing team, which can make your sales efforts more effective.

Motivated Team: A highly motivated and supportive team can provide a positive work environment and make it easier to achieve sales goals.

Continuous Development: Opportunities for continuous development and education indicate that the company values the growth of its employees.

Career Development: The role offers career development opportunities, which is important for those looking to advance in their careers.

Weekly Incentives and Bonuses: Realistically achievable weekly incentives and ongoing reward bonuses can provide additional motivation and financial rewards.

In summary, this role offers a chance to start as a trainee and quickly progress to a leadership position, where you’ll be responsible for coaching and motivating a sales team. It’s a dynamic environment with opportunities for career development, financial rewards, and a supportive team culture. The ideal candidate should have a successful sales track record, strong leadership skills, and a positive attitude towards innovation and change.

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