Traffic Officer: Tsebo Solutions Group – Western Cape


Duties & Responsibilities

Manage on road incidents and obstructions or conditions and communicate with other service providers to provide information, working within procedures to take appropriate action to contribute to a safe and effective road network.

Identify and report unsafe conditions or activities in line with standard procedures to contribute to the smooth flow of traffic.

Coordinate emergency services by support the service to enable them to perform their role effectively.

Respond to and resolve reported on-road incidents (such as collisions, animals, and pedestrians) within procedures and safety standards to deliver an efficient service.

Communicate using a range of technologies including radio and mobile telephony to provide accurate and timely scene updates to colleagues, partners and customers.

Record all required information relating to incidents and risk assessments using appropriate documentation to ensure that there is an accurate and accessible record.

Able to accurately capture, record and relay information using appropriate technology and whilst under pressure.

Skills and Competencies

Provide on-road service to customers, such as assisting in breakdowns or minor collisions to enable the police to perform their job effectively.

Knowledge of working environment and operating procedures .

Traffic Officer skills

On Road Operators

Knowledge of emergency services

Physically fit

Acting professionally

Communication (written and verbally)


Traffic Diploma

Knowledge of the Traffic Control Laws

Knowledge of Emergency Assistance

Drivers licence, for both vehicle and motor bikes

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