Social Media Producer Required: Red Bull – South Africa


As Social Media Producer you’ll produce high impact social media content utilizing our athletes, events, and properties. You’ll also be entitled to deliver a pipeline of content to the digital team that is primed for localization/localised.


You’ll develop framework for ideation of good social media content as well as yourself Ideate big scale social media content for Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

You would need to be in tune to not only platform updates and amplifications but also required to be in tune with emerging and trending sounds/challenges/conversations in order to proactively get ahead of trends and execute.


An important part of this role is ensuring you run a tight ship which includes organisation skills, clear communication and structure set up to ensure transparency with teams and departments. Ongoing tasks include:

1. Deliverables tracking sheet including timings and postings

2. Reporting with weekly/bi-weekly updates on best performing or under performing creative with solution based approach

3. Create and present best practices from within the world of Red Bull and locally in the social media space to inspire and further educate/provide insight

4.Work cross functionally to determine strategies across the calendar year and opportunities by project and function to help achieve our business objectives, ensure clear objectives identified and ROI goals.

5.And last but not least, work alongside the content and digital team to up-level our moving images content quality and competency. In addition, you’ll educate the company on specific content best practices and how to apply them to content productions.


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